Paws on the Street Part Six: Prince Edward A.K.A Sweet Eddy Rejoins the Family and Mother Learns a Lesson In Controlling Chaos #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #Animals #SeeingEyeDog

Paws on the Street Part Six: Prince Edward A.K.A Sweet Eddy Rejoins the Family and Mother Learns a Lesson In Controlling Chaos #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #Animals #SeeingEyeDog

Good morning friends, I hope this message finds you digging the day.

Here, we continue to make great progress and Mother has learned a few lessons in controlling chaos.

First, last evening without any prompting on my part Prince Edward rejoined the family. Blue was lying peacefully at my feet chewing a bone, I was in my recliner reading a book when suddenly, I heard a soft thump on the top of the crate sitting just to my left. Slowly reaching out a hand to see if what I suspected was so and found Sweet Eddy curled up giving great thought to whether he wanted to risk the leap from crate to mom’s lap.

Petting gently and speaking in a quiet voice I invited him over and just like that he was there purring as if this having a dog in the floor was an every-day thing.

It doesn’t hurt that Blue is so calm around him. Later in the evening, whilst Eddy was sitting on the arm of the loveseat Blue reached up and snuffled him and received a warning hiss and yowl for his trouble.

Blue leapt away and came to sit and pout at my feet saying, “Mom I don’t understand. No cat has spoken to me so before.”

I just laughed and giving a reassuring pat had him lay back down and continue with his bone.

This morning, I was afforded the privilege of sleeping until 5 minutes after 6 and was also allowed to have my morning routine of washing face, brushing teeth and hair before both Blue and Eddy began to howl and yowl for their breakfast.

After I fed both boys and took Blue out, I made coffee and gated off a small portion of the living room for Blue. At first things went well. Eddy sat on my lap and Blue brought a toy for me to throw for him.

Then, Eddy decided to see how far he could push his luck with the dog and Blue decided to push back and so after a moment of complete insanity which included yowling and hissing from Eddy and loud barking from blue, Mother took control stating firmly, “Boys! That’s quite enough!”

Then, I put Blue into his crate with the door shut and carried Eddy to the chair by the window in the office so he could calm down.

After all was still, I took another cup of coffee and went to soak in the tub. It was a blissful hour of peace and quiet.

Now, Blue is lying quietly behind my chair, and I am skimming through email culling out the important ones before we go out to train.

Today, my goal is to firm up the trip from house to bus stop and back and if we’re not tired out after that I might work him down to the other end of the block. That will depend upon his attitude and my ability to keep going.

If the bus stop trip goes as I believe it will then I believe the other walk will happen, but we shall see.

OK. Blue is sighing theatrically so I believe he is board and ready to go get to work.

It is to be 90 degrees later today with more storms so now is the time for all good dogs to go to work.

Have a glorious Sunday.

Chief Blue, Prince Edward and I thank you for reading.

May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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  1. Interesting dynamics. Spreckles is afraid of Sam-I-Am, our family cat. He rather likes it that way, but I’m coaxing her past it. She backs hurriedly away from him and won’t walk by him without a lot of prompting.

    1. Hi, first, thanks for reading.
      Next, I’d let the cat and dog work it out all on their own as much as is possible.
      That’s what I’ve done. The only thing I’ve done at all to encourage Eddy’s re-entry to the family was to first bring food to his hiding place and then the next time he was needing to eat I put Blue in his crate and carried Eddy passed to his food which is on the top of the dishwasher.
      This encouraged him to slip out and eat later on and finally to realize that Blue meant him no harm and to start coming out on his own.
      It doesn’t hurt that The Seeing Eye has two live in cats. They were brought there as kittens and raised similarly to the way the dogs are raised during the first year of their life with the puppy raisers. They’re given free run of the main floor of the building so the dogs in training are exposed quite a bit before they are released for work.

  2. You are doing well – it’s not a week yet.

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