Paws on the Street Part Six: Home with Blue #What’sUP

Paws on the Street Part Six: Home with Blue #What’sUP

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well.

I’m just writing a quick note to let you know I’m home with Blue and that so far we’re doing OK.

There are lots of things I want to write about our trip and such but it has been a very long day and there are still more things I need to get done before I must go to pick up Prince Edward tomorrow.

I’m quite exhausted and so is my sweet Blue. It is time to take him out and then to try and settle him into his crate.

I fear he is not quite satisfied in the crate. I am not sure if it is because of the fact that even though the crate has been thoroughly washed he can still smell the light scent of Campbell, if he doesn’t like that type of crate or if he just wants to be right next to me because we’re in a new place.

When I put him on a tie out on his puppy matt he settles right down but even if I am in the same room with him sitting right by the crate when I put him in he cries. He never cried in his other crate at school.

I may end up having to get him a crate like the ones they had there if this doesn’t resolve.

Tonight, I am going to put his puppy matt beside my bed and put the baby gate at the door after I dog proof my room and let him sleep beside the bed.

Normally I would tie him on his tie out there but there is no place for me to hook the tie out to and using the leash for that purpose is a dangerous option and not something I am willing to do.

I imaginae you all want to know why I don’t just put him in my bed with me. I used to do that with Campbell and I must say that over the years it did cause a few problems so while I may snuggle with him occasionally there I feel Blue’s place is either in a crate or in his bed.

I hope to be able to get him a large dog bed for the bedroom but right now money is tighter than ever and finding a new more affordable place to live continues to allude me.

I fear the weekend will be long and busy with getting everyone’s routine established Etc.

I hope to be back up and fully operational by the 15TH of August.

I’ll be slowly reopening some things next week and inserting my work into my new routine.

I do however have some personal things which must also be taken care of this coming week as well so there will still be times at first when I am not available.

I thank you for your kind understanding and patience as I adjust my life according to Blue’s Eddy’s and my own needs.

Thanks and have a super great day.

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  1. I am happy to know you are both home, Patty.

    1. Hi, we’ve been home since the 5TH. Really starting to get our paws under us now.
      Thanks for joining us on our journey.

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