Paws on the Street Part Nineteen – Bouncing Along with Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue and Sweet Eddy

Paws on the Street Part Nineteen – Bouncing Along with Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue and Sweet Eddy

Paws on the Street Part Nineteen – Bouncing Along with Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue and Sweet Eddy

By Patty L. Fletcher

January 15, 2022

Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous – Mercury Retrograde

Freya’s Day Midmorning…


It was 42 degrees F out as Blue, and I bounced from our apartment. Our caregiver Della was on her way out to carry some things I found awkward handling whilst working my dog to the trash and to check our mail and Blue and I were off for a morning romp.

The winter birds were all a flutter and twitter as we turned right and headed for the top of the hill and our neighbors who all seemed to be out taking the morning air even though it was looking like rain.

“Blue old boy, I think it’s a grand morning for a little jog. Hup! Hup!” Blue took my encouragement to heart and as we wove right round the bumper of a car sticking over the edge of the walk he poured on the steam.

“Yes! Good boy!” I cheered, enjoying the exhilaration moving so quickly gives.

“Hello! Patty and Blue!” a neighbor called. “You all are sure moving fast today!”

“Yeah,” I called as we whizzed past, “He’s working up a great head of steam. See ya when we come back round!”

Hitting the top of the hill I called, “Steady boy. Left. Left. Find that Left, left.” Responding quickly to my command and slight lowing of the harness handle, Blue slowed our pace and soon he’d found the desired left turn which would take us to the other side of the apartment complex and his favorite relief spot.

Picking up speed as we started down the other side I heard, “WOW! Look at them go!” someone called to another when we’d flown passed.

“Sorry! I’ll stop on the way back. He’s on a mission.”

And a mission it did turn out to be. Luckily, I always carry bags and so when Blue had selected and used his favorite spot, I cleared up his leavings, tied them neatly away in their bag, slipped them into my pocket for the trip to the dumpster and set about putting my happy bouncing Blue back into his harness.

“Hang on.” I laughed. “Be still for just another minute and we’ll go.” I said to Blue while he continued bouncing up and down on his toes, as I buckled him back into his harness and made ready to head back the way we’d come.

Just as we were heading back up the walk someone called, “Hi Patty and Blue.” Dropping the harness handle to stop Blue and turning back I said, “Hi Joe, how are you today.”

“I’m good.” She called back, “I was just waiting for you to finish. I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Oh, you’re not bothering us, come on up and say hello.”

Reaching down and placing my hand on Blue’s back I commanded, “Blue sit.”

Joe approached and I was pleased to see my boy keeping his seat even when she began to pet.

“He sure is doing well these days.” She praised as she patted his soft fur. “I have been watching the two of you around here and you’re really starting to learn your way well.”

We began walking and due to our chatter with one another, I didn’t realize we’d followed her home until we were standing right in front of her place.

“Well,” she said, “See you later.” And with that walked inside and shut the door.

I turned us around and suddenly realized I wasn’t exactly certain where we were. “OK Blue, Forward. Let’s go home.”

Just then, one of the vans Blue and I sometimes ride when we go out about town pulled up for one of the residents in the building beside us and Blue, thinking it was our ride gave a mighty pull and headed us in that direction.

“No! Blue! That’s not our ride.”

I stopped him and turned him back in what I thought was the right direction and got him going again. Soon however, I realized we were not where we needed to be. I stood for a moment listening to the neighborhood working around me and making a snap decision straightened my body and pointing with my right hand for emphasis I stated, “OK Blue, forward!”

He took me to the curb and after a quick stop I said, “Good job. Now, Forward. Straight. Straight.”

Again, I pointed with my right hand showing him exactly what I wanted and soon we’d made our way safely across the parking lot to our side.

“Great Job!” I praised, “Now, To the dumpster. Hup! Hup! Left!”

Blue made a quick turn, then executing a quick swerve round a car which was blocking the wheelchair ramp and edge of the walkway he headed for the dumpster at top-speed.

Soon, we had deposited his latest contribution and were headed back for the house.

“Well, we didn’t get to stop and talk to Miss Brinda. We’ll see her next time round.”

When we swept back into the apartment breathless with our extended romp Della called, “I wondered when you’d get back!”

“Oh! We took a couple detours, had a chat or two and of course Blue had to poo. It was great fun.”


Saturn’s Day Early Morning…


“OK Blue, since the weather is to get nasty later today and you’ll need to be in your harness a lot over the next few days I’m going to start us off with a mighty sniff fest for you. You’ll not have to work but you’d best behave for I’ve always got the gentle leader in reach.”

“Sneeze! Stomp! Shake! I don’t need no stinking gentle leader.” Was his reply as we headed out the door and down the walk to what I’ve dubbed the main drag.

After a quick stop underneath the Dogwood tree behind the swing for a pee Blue tugged his leash asking, “May we walk/”

“OK Big boy. Let’s go.”

We walked at a leisurely pace up the hill with Blue stopping occasionally to cop a sniff and trying to grab the pieces of bread neighbors had left out for the birds.

“No! Leave It!” I called sharply, giving a firm tug on the leash. “Well, you’re getting good food refusal work.” I laughed as we went along our way.

When we were just passed the mailboxes, Blue began to slow and at first, I thought he was looking for a place to relieve but soon I felt a slight tug on the leash from him and quickly following his lead narrowly missed bumping into the bumper of a truck parked by the curb.

“Great job Boy!” I praised. “Keeping one eye out, huh?”

“Sneeze! Shake! Yes, wish those doggone two legs wouldn’t park their car monsters there.”

Soon we’d made our way to the other side and to Blue’s preferred relief spot, he’d done his business, I’d picked up and we were headed back from whence we’d come when suddenly Blue shoved his head into a bush alongside the walk and a huge noisy flock of birds came flying up squawking their displeasure at having been so rudely disrupted. Blue became completely enamored with them and before I knew what was happening, he’d lead me down a walkway off to our left and once again, I found myself not quite sure where we were. To make matters worse, the air was filled with moisture making everything sound a bit muffled and due to its being a Saturday morning there weren’t many cars or people about.

“Blue, Come. Sit.” I commanded. I needed to get his focus back on me. Though I was well aware he was not working I knew if I got his attention, I could get him to help me get back on track.

I began slowly tapping my way back down the walk and soon was back onto the main drag on the side of his favorite relief spot and a few moments later, I felt the wheelchair ramp leading to the parking lot under my feet and knew where we were.

I turned us around and giving the sidewalk a firm tap with my cane stated, “OK Blue, let’s find that right, right. Let’s go home.” And with that, blue tugged the leash, fell neatly into the heeling position and we were off.

Before long, we’d made our way back round to what I call our side of the world and we were headed back downhill to the dumpster and home.

A little later when we blew back into the warmth of our cozy hideaway Sweet Eddy greeted us with a joyous “MEOW! You guys were gone long enough, weren’t you? MURRP!”

I walked over, gave him a kiss on top of the head and scratched behind his ears and as he began to give me kitty kisses and head butts my heart filled with joy and I knew…

There is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess.

There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess.

I am she and she is me.

We are one yet we are we.

So Mote It Be.

Blessid Be.



Daily Prayer…


Thank you for the morning sun.

Thank you now day’s begun, all our needs, wants and desires they’re met.

Thank you for what we have and have not yet.

Thank you when our day is through, we will still be we and you will still be you.

Light our path. Guide our way.

Give us that which to do and say.

So Mote It Be.

Blessid Be.



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May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be Amen.



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  1. Great story…truly an inspiration as I keep moving ahead with my own doggy pursuits!
    Love to you and Blue…and that kitty as well!

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