Paws on the Street – Blue Helps with Housework and More

Paws on the Street – Blue Helps with Housework and More

Hi, everyone.
I hope youre all doing well.
Today, was supposed to be a day off for me, but if this is a day off, I want to go back to work.
The other day, when Cordelia my helper was here, I had her go through all my pots and pans, plates, Etc. and together we got out what I no longer wanted to keep which was still worth donating, and she took it to one of her younger relatives, who is just starting out, and we tossed the rest.
Well, that set something off in me, and all this week Ive been clearing out cabinets, drawers, and closets.
Today, I spent the day cleaning out the kitchen cabinets where I keep things like bread, dried goods, and the like. There were three shelves, all above the counter, and one above my head, which had to be cleared, vacuumed, wiped, and restocked.
It seemed to take no time at all until right at the last. I began to lose steam as I was starting on the last upper shelf, and it took all I had to get it done. But get it done I did and after I was finished, I had to admit that though all the bones and muscles in my body were screaming, it felt good to have accomplished that.
I also cleared out the frig, and then gathered up bathroom trash as well.
By the time we made two or three trips to the dumpster with bags of trash, did our laps, and hed been relieved, several times, we were done in and ready for a nap.
However, before I could rest, I had to try out my new Bluetooth keyboard. I finally got a new one. Ive not figured out how to set up keyboard shortcuts yet, but Im sure Ill get it done one of these days.
For now, its beer oclock.
May Harmony find you, Blessid Be.

Patty Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works as an author and social media marketing assistant.
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  1. robbiesinspiration Reply
    May 12, 2024

    This sounds like a really good day, Patty.

    1. Yes, it was excellent.

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