Patty’s Worlds Taking a Siesta with Blue, and a Book

Patty’s Worlds Taking a Siesta with Blue, and a Book

Hello everyone.

As you have read by now, Blue is a bit under the weather and I’m just returning to normal after sickness.

I’ve caught up my email and other social media notifications and obligations. I’ve scheduled things for the next day or so and am generally at a great stopping place.

I’m training myself to come to this place each day without needing to set a reminder, and by gum I’m makin’ that happen.

So, now I’m off for a walk with my boy, a belly rub or two, kibble for him and supper for me while we read, book seven in a series we’re enjoying.

Do not read this series out of order.

Also, other than the fact that the author overuses the word bastard to the 1000000TH power this book series is a hit.

The White House connection DB 48434

Higgins, Jack. Reading time 7 hours, 51 minutes.

Read by Chuck Benson. A production of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress.

Subjects: Adventure; Political Fiction; Bestsellers

Series: Sean Dillon series Volume: 07

Description: When Lady Helen Lang, the American mother of a British intelligence officer, learns that the Sons of Erin were responsible for his gruesome death, she begins to eliminate them one by one, endangering the Irish peace negotiations in the process. Companion to The President’s Daughter (DB 44760). Some strong language. Bestseller.

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