When I approached my local Kingsport Senior Center about taking a beginner’s clay building class, I never dreamed I’d one day be selling my pieces. Mostly, I give them as gifts, because I get lots of pleasure out of hearing the joy in the voices of those who receive them. There are times, however, when people actually write me or come by to see if I’d be willing to sell pieces they’ve seen in photos.

Below are pictures of works I’ve done. Some have been sold. Some have been selected for gift giving and many of the pieces shown here can be made again.

There is one thing to note. No two pieces, no matter how carefully crafted are going to look exactly like each other. I haven’t gotten to the point so I can make a complete exact set of anything yet, and knowing how the clay can behave, I’m not sure that’s doable without a lot of equipment and knowhow.

In the meantime, I’d like to share this wonderful talent with you.

I’ve many Christmas decorations ready for sale. One is shown in the photo below. I will also be making more of the dishes shown here, as well as more pinch pot art and other fun pieces as well.

If you’d like to see my entire collection currently available, you may contact me at: pattysworlds.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please come back often, as I’ll be updating the page from time to time with new photos for your perusing pleasure.

If you live in the Kingsport Tennessee area, and you’ve always wanted to try your hand at clay work, head on over to the Kingsport Senior Center, sign up and you too can know the joy of the feel of clay in your hands.

Take heed, clay building is not like playing with playdough. It can at times be hard and tedious. But if you’re willing to learn, there are fine ladies here willing to teach, so come and give this and all the other amazing classes offered a try.

Happy crafting.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.

A collection of handmade pottery on a gray table dusted with streaks of dried clay. The clay is a warm tan textured. On the left is a perfectly rounded plate with smoothed edges. Beside it are two slightly more textured pots. The center container is taller and has a wider brim. The pot on the right has a rounder base and a smaller opening. All of the works are on a light colored tray, edged with blue masking tape.

Four pieces of handmade pottery. The first is a rounded spoon rest with a tapered end, painted a warm green color. The second is a wider dish, stamped with a heart pattern and painted a soft pink. On the right are two smaller pieces shaped like presents topped with bows. They are textured and painted the same warm green as the first piece, with holes punched for hanging with holes punched them for hanging.

Two handmade pottery bowls, side by side on a speckled white table. The left bowl is slightly taller and has a smoother edge. The right bowl is shorter and has an edge of varied height, giving it a more abstract look. Both bowls are glazed in a varied blue shade that gives a watery appearance to the pieces.

Two handmade pottery pieces. Both are square and textured with randomly spaced raised bumps. The smooth spaces of the dishes are a serene shade of blue, while the raised portions are a warm green.

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