Patty’s Post Picks Featuring, Barbara Spencer, Sally Cronin, Pranav R Lal, walki arisme and Rob Shackleford #WordPressWednesday

Patty’s Post Picks Featuring, Barbara Spencer, Sally Cronin, Pranav R Lal, walki arisme and Rob Shackleford #WordPressWednesday

Good morning and welcome to another installment of Patty’s Post Picks.

We’ve got a lot of great stuff going on in Patty’s Worlds today, so, hang onto your hats and keep your hands inside the ride because it’s going to be amazing!

First up this morning, author Barbara Spencer is here to wow us with a great post from her blog, Pictures from The Kitchen Window. Let’s see what she’s got going on.

Launch: Barbara Spencer’s Carinatae series



Award-winning author, Barbara Spencer, originally considered herself destined for a life of mediocrity. Instead her venture to the West Indies in 1967 became the precursor to a colourful career spanning three continents, where she found herself caught up in riots, wars, and choosing Miss World. Now, a prolific writer of many genres, including children’s fantasy and thrillers for teens and YA, she finished her first historical fiction series, Carinatae, with the publication of Sunset on Golden Wings in May 2021.

I understand this series encapsulates five books. Using the classic elevator pitch, how would you describe the premise of your series?

Sixteen-year-old Maidy Bader discovers a mystery concerning swans when her brother, Pieter, returns to the family home in Holland after an absence of six years, creating a whirlwind of love, jealousy and tragedy. Three survivors of a massacre hold the answers to the mystery of the Carinatae, a race of shape-shifters, and the significance of Pieter’s disappearance.

What attracted you to the setting and period of these novels?

To learn the answer to this question as well as how to buy these incredible books keep reading at:

Remember, once you’ve read make sure to leave a review.

Next in our Tips section, Sally Cronin is here with an important summertime reminder. Keep reading to find out what information she’s got to share.

Smorgasbord Pet Health – Mosquito season and the dangers of Heartworm in dogs by Sally Cronin

Posted on June 23, 2021 by Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life.

We don’t have a problem usually with mosquitos in Ireland as they are not keen on the rain either and prefer a warmer and more humid climate. We did have a problem with them in Spain even in the mountains that tended to be cooler. One of the methods we used to keep the numbers down was to allow the swallows to return each year from Africa to their nests, even the ones in the garage which we abandoned to them to prevent the cars being peppered with poop.

They fed on the mosquitos and it was worth the minor inconvenience. They made a wonderful addition to the garden birds and they were highly entertaining too.

Image by Gabriela Piwowarska from Pixabay

Anywhere in the world that has a mosquito problem can potentially be very dangerous for your cat or dog. If you have not already done so please ask the advice of your vet about any risks in your area. For those of us still in the cold part of the year it is a good time to think about this before the summer.

Heartworm is a worldwide problem for both dogs and cats but it is a particular issue in countries that have a mosquito problem as well.

To learn how to prevent such an insidious thing from happening to your beloved animal, keep reading at:

As I prepare to return to The Seeing Eye in July, I’ve found this type of reminder quite helpful.

If you’re looking for a great read to help you pass the time during these lazy crazy days of summer, author and blind photographer Pranav Lal has you covered. Let’s see what he’s reviewing today.

A review of the King’s Ranger series by AC Cobble

June 20, 2021 by Pranav Lal

The king’s ranger is currently a series of 3 books but more are coming. Book 1 is where it all begins. Mr. Cobble has got the art of drip feeding the suspense down really well. There is not a dull scene in the book. Plenty of dark creatures and a whole lot of mystery which starts with a

To read the full review and possibly investigate Pranav’s Writing as well, visit:

Like it or not, even though for most of us it’s summer vacation, if you’re thinking about college in the fall, you’ve got to get a jump on scholarship information.

This morning, walki arisme founder of Scholars Fund has a lot of information for you. Check out his post on asset and liability and learn what that means for you:

Rounding off Patty’s Post Picks today, is author Rob Shackleford and his third piece in his Viking series. Here’s Rob with more.

In the Viking Age, looking good was important!

Not only were they clean, cared for their hair and sometimes even wore makeup, they were also fashionable.

We actually know very little of their fashion from archaeology, but the Viking sagas help us to see that they didn’t fit into the colour scheme of ‘any colour as long as it was black!’

Colours were from natural dies some, like red, were expensive because they were imported.

Though lacking modern tailoring skills we tend to see in modern media, being well put-together was important. Jewellery, cloak pins and rings showed off wealth, status, or just looking gorgeous in the autumn fashions of 1020AD.

So, while Vikings might have been some good-lookers, they were still people not to offend.

For more on Viking Fashion check out my blog:


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