Pathways with Patty Today 1 PM Eastern #NewsNuggets

Pathways with Patty Today 1 PM Eastern #NewsNuggets

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled

What can we as persons who are blind do to complete this mission?

What types of information building blocks do you need to build such bridges in your life?

Join Patty as she takes a deep dive into the topics picked by you guaranteed to make this goal a reality.

This call happens each second and fourth Friday of the month in the ACB (American Council Of The Blind) community.

If you wish to join in on it or any other call, please send your email, your name and your wish to receive the daily schedule to: community our lively AI (Awesome Individuals) will sign you up and answer any questions you may have.

Patty’s Worlds is not affiliated with The American Council Of The Blind I’m a member at large as well as the member of a few of their special interest affiliates.

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Good morning, everyone!

We’ll be meeting today in the ACB Community.
We’ll be wrapping up our conversation on communication.
If you weren’t at the last call, or you’d like to refresh your memory on what we talked about, click this link and listen to a recording, so you’re ready for today.
Today, we will focus on…
When is it appropriate to speak after someone else has finished speaking? What cues can we use to make sure we do it right?
In a virtual setting when you’re asked to speak briefly on a topic, how do you know when you’re being asked to move along? Are their cues from your facilitator you might pick up on?
What about electronic communication? Email groups can be most difficult. Should you reply to every post as you read it? Or might it be best to read several in the thread before making your reply?
What about Facebook? When you come upon a post, do you read and immediately reply, or should you read the other comments in the thread before doing so?
Come on in today at 1 PM eastern and join the conversation.
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Now, the recording.

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