Pandemic Easter by Anthony R. Candela #PoetryPlace

Pandemic Easter by Anthony R. Candela #PoetryPlace

Pandemic Easter

By: Anthony R. Candela

Stand Up or Sit Out: Memories and Musings of a Blind Wrestler, Runner and All-around Regular Guy

We watched your progress.

From out of nowhere you emerged,

Sheltered by a blessed mother and faithful father

Lying in a bed of straw,

Even Kings from far away knew

That you had come to save us.

and we watched you grow wiser as you preached.

And thus your peril increased.

For thirty-three years they say,

You told us a simple thing:

“Love one another”.

For this they nailed you to their cross

And as the nails penetrated your hands and feet

And the spear gouged your side,

A stake was thrown into our hearts.

We were hopeful, but when they dragged you into a stone tomb,

We resigned ourselves to our fate.

When the women couldn’t find you, they were afraid.

For resignation is easier than wonderment

And personal responsibility is harder than enslavement.

So it is to this very day.

As we live through the entombment of our way of life

Under the tyranny of microscopic forces

So different from the immensity of Caesar,

We resign ourselves to entombment until it is time for our resurrection.

Then we will be afraid again

If we know what is good for us.

For if we are to be saved,

We will need to love one another forever.

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