Only Like Their Own Stuff Blogger Syndrome

Only Like Their Own Stuff Blogger Syndrome

I'm writing today, to talk, about, and ask your opinion on, what to do about what appears to be a very hateful, and contagious issue among bloggers.

Now, gonna most likely piss some folks off, so be ready.

I've been noticing over the last few months, that while I've many readers/followers, who are bloggers, who like and share my work, I also have some who only press the like button when it is their work I share, and only comment if I make a comment on their work.

Seems unfair, and rude, right? Well, I think so any-way.

So, my question is this.

Should I simply stop caring about sharing their work, to help them along, or should I just continue doing it and not worry?

Before you answer straight out, let me speak on this just a bit more.

First of all, I don't expect folks to like everything I post. In fact sometimes I worry when I have a follower who likes every single thing I post, because I wonder, 'are they really reading?'
Are they just liking to make me feel better.
I try not to assume.

With some though it is very obvious that they're most likely not looking at anything I write, and that it is only when they see their own stuff posted on my site that they bother to press the like button.

Second I want to say, that I do not share work, I don't like.

I follow many more blogs, than you see shared here, and there are lots of times that I like something enough to press the like button, but not enough to put it on my blog, under my name.

However, I want to qualify this a bit more by saying, that while I don't like and share, just for the sake of being liked, and shared too, but that it is quite known that liking sharing, and yes, commenting, brings blog followers to one's site, so yes, I do hope that my liking, sharing, and at times commenting on a blogger's work, will bring them to my site, and, hopefully lead them to share something I post.

Anyhow,I just wondered if I was being a picky bitchy blogger, or if my feelings were valid.


That's really all.

Hope yall have an awesome day, and I hope you'll comment and let me know your thoughts.

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Have a great rest of your day.


  1. I do not know why this post has come out this way. If this is what the new editor program is gonna do to my posts, I’ll be done with that right here and now.

    It did not proof out to look like this before I posted, and I don’t like it.

    Does this read weird to others?

  2. I try to make a point of liking and thanking anyone who share my work, and I read a lot as well. I often hit like on things I don’t reblog. it’s a hard balance to strike, because one wants to appreciate shares and everything else as well.

    Also, yes … some of the posts are coming out strangely. Your apostrophes are coming out as lower-case a with a caret over the top. (I had to look up “caret,” because I spelled it three ways that all looked wrong.)

    1. Oh! I like lots of things I don’t reblog.

      Question for you. This, when I read it, has things that don’t belong. Reads unclear, does it read that way for you?

      It did not proof that way, but it is reading strangely.

      Started that when I downloaded their new editor thing, and now I cannot get rid of the new editor (Which is still in the trial stages and I never should’ve agreed to help test) and I cannot get rid of what I see in my post.


      1. Your apostrophes are coming out strangely (same problem I described), which makes the posts read as though “don’t” is “donat.” Glad to help by clarifying.

        1. It’s whatever that new editor thing did to my wordpress, I cannot figure out how it started or how to stop it, and I’ve written to them and they have not been a whole lot of help. LOL!

  3. Patty, in my opinion, you’re making a mountain out of a mollhill. As you know, there are worse things going on in this world than bloggers only liking their stuff when it’s posted on your blog. This is nothing compared to terrorism, war, and other types of violence. My motto has always been to not sweat the small stuff, and this is definitely a little thing. Just keep on keeping on.

    1. True, I was just asking, and I really am not that concerned, but I do have my reasons.

    2. Hi, Abby. I’ve been thinking about your comment, and given the info you have, you’d be right, and it is my fault that you haven’t all of it, and I’m about to change that.

      You see, it is a bit more than what I spoke of. I was, a bit unsure if I should tell the whole story, needed to get it off my chest, and never expected such a blunt reply.

      However, when one asks for an opinion, one should expect to get it, and if that who asks, has not given full info, then well…

      Anyhow, after running the entire story passed a friend, this is what I’m going to do and that is to explain further.

      You see, I’ve this fellow author blogger friend, well, probably more like an acquaintance, but anyhow, this person, asked me if I’d help market them. Said they could not afford to pay, but that if I’d market them, they’d help me market my things too. You know? The barter system.

      Well, I kept my end of the deal. I blog, I share to all social media, and even was willing to share to my new email list, but as of his day they’ve not shared a thing of mine, and only like what I have posted of theirs and only on FB. They won’t even sign-up to follow my blog.

      That is why I was upset, but of course you couldn’t know that.

      Anyhow, what I’ve decided to do, is just end the deal.

      I’m starting a new marketing business, my prices are very reasonable, and so that shall be that.

      In the meantime, I think? Hope! Maybe, I’ve figured out how come I’m getting @ signs, and other junk in posts that appear on FB and in my in box. Others have written to say they see it too, and some are sighted, and not using screen readers.

      I’ve figured out maybe the button I pressed accidentally while looking for spell-check, which I have not yet found, is what did it, and now, if I can just figure out what the heck I pressed, and impress it we’ll be AOK! LOL!

      Thanks tons for reading me, and blessid be.

      PS. I tried to post a similar comment a while ago, and messed it up. If it shows up yall just be patient. This editor thing is good, but it’s new, and I just don’t yet know all I don’t know about it all.

      I think, in the end, it’ll be awesome, but one does take risks when they take a beta.

      AWW for now, I’m going to work on a totally different project, so everyone have an awesome night.

      1. Good on you, all the way around.

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