Online Platforms, Facebook, WordPress and the Like, Just Don’t Listen to Users #Rant

Online Platforms, Facebook, WordPress and the Like, Just Don’t Listen to Users #Rant

Classic WordPress, Editor, gone as it was and barely available now in user comfort.

Users continue to speak out, but no one hears them.

It’s not just those of us using screen readers who are unhappy but does WordPress care? Apparently not.

I mean, nothing has changed, and if you see anything at all from WordPress these days, it’s all about some newfangled thing that’s going to cost money to use.

That’s right, it’s all about the Paying User, and to Hell with those of Us who have the Free Plans!

“🤑” RULES and People with 0000 Money Lose!

But… Wait… It’s not just WordPress. Oh No! There are other to big for their britches online platforms who aren’t listening either.

Facebook has suddenly decided that they’re going to do away with Classic Facebook, and never mind those Users who Aren’t Comfortable with it. Never mind those who have spoken out against it.

You Mark My Word, sooner or later Facebook is going to find a way to Charge for it’s so called Service, and then what?

Well, I tell you this. I, to quote a phrase, am…


I’ve no idea what yet to do, but by the Gods I’m going to figure it out, and when I do it’s going to be the Biggest Stink Bomb anyone ever smelled!

Are you…


If so, I mean if you dare, share this post!

Make your feelings heard!

Until next time, this is Pissed Off Patty saying…

Harmony may find me and you, but for WordPress and Facebook, Harmony is going to be something that if I have my way, without they will do!

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  1. Reblogged this on My Corner and commented:
    As you’ll see from this post, Patty is pissed, and I don’t blame her. WordPress’s block editor has taken over my blog. I may have found a way to work around it, but other bloggers aren’t so fortunate. Why won’t WordPress, Facebook, and other platforms listen to users, especially those who utilize their free services? It’s all about money, and this is wrong.

    Please stay tuned for a rant of my own to appear this coming Thursday on My Corner as part of Girlie on the Edge’s six-sentence challenge. It’ll be tricky writing a rant in only six sentences but not nearly as difficult as using WordPress’s new block editor. Meanwhile, here’s Patty’s rant.

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