On the Other Side of the Help Desk Yet Again: Making Myself Whole

On the Other Side of the Help Desk Yet Again: Making Myself Whole


On the Other Side of the Help Desk Yet Again:

Making Myself Whole


Patty L. Fletcher

May 9, 2017



IMG_20170512_151228063Good Awesome! Day to All! As some of you know, I’ve been in hospital, for a UTI gone wild, out-of-control blood pressure, and previously weakened state due to recent multiple illnesses, and injury. Starting with a knee injury in Jan, and passing through Feb, March, and April with, two types of flu, a Bronchial infection, Campbell’s sickness, and Ending with this UTI gone wild. The below will bring you to where we are now, and that is, having just been admitted to a Skilled Care Facility called, Asbury Place. See, AsburyPlace.org

Before I paste in the below post, I want to say, this is not in any way meant to be preachy. It is not meant to be judgmental. It simply is, and, if you are one of whom I speak, and you don’t like what I say, well… “If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way.” I had to learn that the hard way, and I no longer feel I should be the only one. I’ll not call names, and I am not talking at you or trying to belittle anyone. It just is, as I say, what it is.  you’re welcome to share this with anyone who may have asked you about Campbell and me…

After much back and forth discussion, between myself, case management, insurance, and Skilled Care Facilities, Campbell and I were told that we would be transferred from Holston Valley Hospital to the Asbury Place Skilled Care Unit. I have to say, this was scary to me. I did not know what to expect. Had no idea what it might be like. What I have learned since our arrival, is that it is quite wonderful, but first, let me tell you of our getting here.

Once we knew we were leaving, we began to prepare. I had Campbell walked, and then fed him. After this, the tech who had been assigned to me, helped me gather up and pack all our things. During this time, I visited with the Pet Therapy Coordinator for Holston Valley Hospital, and she helped keep Campbell occupied, and out from under foot. He, of course, was all excited, because I was packing up. I imagine, he thought we were going home. He would soon learn differently.

Shortly after we were all done, and while I was chatting with one of the trainers from The Seeing Eye, who had called to check on us, the ambulance arrived to take us from one facility to another, and my sweet Bubba got to show his stuff.

As I was placed onto a stretcher, Campbell made it quite known that he planned to assist his mother. He shoved his way to me. After some discussion with the EMTS, I decided to, put Campbell on my left, and heal him as I would if I were walking. He was in harness, but when I tried to hold the handle, he stopped, and looked up, making a soft whimpering noise, as if to ask, “UM? Mom? What am I to do?” I realized he couldn’t handle that, so I just took the leash into my hand, and we started off. At first, I had to tug at him a little and encourage him along. Then he got the idea and began to pull. Soon we were all rolling along like a big parade. Me, on the stretcher, encouraging, and praising Campbell, the EMTS pushing and guiding the stretcher, and hospital staff, walking along, to see us along our way. At one point, we had to stop. We were at the top of a small down-ramp, and Campbell seeing the doors to the outside ahead, pulled a bit, and almost set me to rolling. It was as if he were saying, “Come! On! Mom! Door’s just ahead, I’ll take you! Let’s go!” We all laughed. It was so good to see him excitedly wagging his tale, and enjoying himself. He had been so good for so long, and I knew he had to have been starting to get bored.

Once we were out, I said, “Oh! My! God! It! Spit me out!” One of the EMTS stopped and asked, “What? What do you mean?” I said, “It was as if that hospital swallowed me, and it has finally spat me out!” After giving me a moment to collect myself, and catch my breath, we continued onward to the waiting ambulance and the unknown beyond.

Campbell allowed himself to be led aboard, by one of the EMTS and sat obediently and waited for me to be brought on.

After we were settled, with me resting on the stretcher, and Campbell lying quietly beside me, we were off.

When we got here, I instructed everyone how to best help Campbell down, and again, he sat beautifully beside the EMT who had helped him, while I was taken off. I have to say, that for just a moment, I wondered if I’d made a mistake, but my fears were soon dashed away, and I was very glad I’d come.

As we arrived at the Baysmont Campus of Asbury Place. We were welcomed by our assigned nurse and others. They wheeled me to my room, with Campbell following along with one of the EMTS Healing him. Just like, with everything else, Campbell did this in a polite and obedient way.

Soon we were checked in and were given a wonderfully lovely room, and guess what? It is supposed to be a double room, but they’ve made it private for us, and Campbell has been given permission to sleep on the extra bed because there’s, of course, no carpet, and all I had for him was a comforter. Another wonderful thing, this room has windows. My last room did not. Of course, that room was never intended to live in for nearly a week. The best part about the windows? They! Open!!! I can have, sunshine, Fresh air, and, oh! The birds! I can hear birds!!!

There are other wonderful things about this facility as well.

They have a big handicap accessible shower room, YAY! A real shower! I cannot wait!

Also, I’ll be evaluated by the physical therapist, and if all goes well, Campbell and I, with staff present, can during the day, go outside!!!

I have been approved for as long as 20 days, and…NO! Copay!

Thanks, be to God, and Goddess, and all you wondrous people who have been praying for us.

I’m so truly blessed. It truly has been a miracle.

Last night was the difference between night and day, winter and summer. Black and white. Once I settled Campbell, and relaxed, myself, we slept like the dead, and we did not awaken until 5:30.

I did not realize how very tired I was. Did not realize how very little I’d slept in hospital, nor how very weakened I truly am. It is, truly no wonder my doctors and case management pushed so hard for me to be here. I believe, had I gone home, just one day of being there, being responsible for everything on my own, and doing all I would have had to do just to meet mine and Campbell’s basic needs, would have landed me right back into hospital or worse.

Here, the rule of thumb is, ‘do as much as you’re able, to regain your strength’ OK, fine, wonderful! First, though, I need to look at Amazon and see if I can order some strength. I, seem to be all out.

Just getting up, and getting Campbell’s food, nearly put me back to bed. I am, to put it bluntly, Whipped!

The nurse and tech were in, and they just sat and chatted, telling me to go about what will be my normal routine of feeding Campbell, getting myself cleaned up, etc. and do it as I would if no one were in there. Their mission? To observe just how I am.

Well, I gathered Campbell’s food. Then, I rested. I got his water, rested again. Got myself cleaned up, and rested again. By this time, I had broken out into a fine sweat, and was shaking and had no more ability to free stand at all, and embarrassingly had to be helped back into bed.

After they’d gone, I broke down into tears. Never before have I ever felt so old, or dependent. At first, when I came here, and they told me I had 20 days of covered rehab time, I could not imagine it taking quite that long. Now, I am afraid it won’t be enough. When I voiced these fears, I was told that if, at the end of my 20 days, the evaluation showed, I needed more inpatient care, a recommendation to my insurance company would be made, for a longer stay, and if granted, I’d pay a small copay, and continue. If not, Home Health Care will be available. I’ll even have the choice to bill. Fortunately for me, billing won’t be something I’ll have to do. The copay should not be more than $250 to $300, and thanks to an unknown donor, who paid my rent up for me, in May, and the wonderful blessing of a grant from an organization called ARC of Washington County, I had in April I should be able to pay it outright, and continue onward.

Oh! I’ve had such wonderful blessings before, but have never used them in such ways as I have this time around. The difference? My mindset. The time I’ve had alone while dealing with all this sickness has shown me that I must begin and work very hard to, make everlasting changes, and take care of myself better than ever before. I have also learned, that I must take care, too, always, treat others, as I wish to be treated, because there truly is something to that verse, of scripture. No matter the practice of faith, this is one lesson that rings true for all.

This has shown me something. It has shown me, that no matter what my family and some who used to be my friend think, I am truly living and doing better. If I were not, things such as this would not be.

Due to ARC paying my rent last month, and this donation this month, I have been able to do things like, buy extra toiletries, get ahead on a couple outstanding bills, buy extra food, and be able to handle an unexpected event.

What’s different than times gone by when I’ve been given a jump start? I took real advantage. I made smart decisions and used the extra wisely. These are things I can now admit I’ve never done. Damn shame I had to be nearly 50-years-old to get it right, but I cannot worry about what was, I can only do what is, and plan for what will be.

It is my finest wish that those I have lost would see these improvements, and others I’ve made, and meet me half way on a reconciliation, however, if they do not, then it is they who are now in the wrong, and I no longer harbor hard feelings toward myself. I truly am forgiving me, and I am truly proud of who I am becoming, and to you who have forgiven me, and given me another chance, you are real, true, and for certain persons who live and walk with the creator in your hearts, and you are truly loving to me.

I am no longer angry or bitter toward those who refuse to acknowledge a message or give me another chance. I only send prayers for their soul, it is they who will answer. I have answered and paid my pennants, and I no longer need to worry about it.

Let the creator decide. Who is wrong here, it will show itself.

By the way, when someone asks you if I contacted you, and why you did not answer, and you say nothing, in return, a lie by omission, is, still a lie. Even the legal court system recognizes this, and God surely does. So, be prepared, an accident or unexpected sickness can, change, or, take a life at any time.

My doctors have told me that on Thursday of last week, I came extremely close to death and that I have dodged a huge bullet. Think you have all the time in the world? You don’t. So, ladies and gents, whatever you need to settle, do it. Not for me, not for anyone else in your life, but for you.

I’m done, coffee’s waiting, and soon the parade of admissions staff, therapists, and who knows what else will be in, and I want to be ready.

I see I have a ton and half of notifications, that I need to read, so I’d best get to it.

I hope those of you who are local, will come and visit us. We need people to encourage us, and brighten our world, while we’re recovering.

Love to all, and blessid be.



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