OMG!!! Could You Get More Negative? WOW!

OMG!!! Could You Get More Negative? WOW!

Hi again! Why am I back so soon? Cause CAMPBELLSWORLD is a safe zone in which I can speak. Be warned! I am going to speak!

I have just sat down to listen to the morning news, and catch up on Email. Between the two I am wiped out! Already! I have been listening to one horrifying story or another on the morning news, and the emails I am reading from a fellow Email Lister, are so negative that I simply had to close the APP and walk away.

I am dismayed and disconcerted to see someone’s every response contain some sort of negative, and not have one positive thing to say. I’m not just talking about moral disagreeing in opinions observations etc I’m talking about someone who was able to find fault with absolutely everything being discussed.

The news is so descriptively horrific and filled with the worst case possibilities, that it is no wonder Americans suffer from overweight conditions, high blood pressure, and other horrible health issues. It is no wonder mental illness is on the rise, and you know what? Ladies and Gents! That’s what your AWESOME! Government wants. Rule with fear, and anxiety! Rule with Negativity, and Doom! That’s why we all are as we are!

I challenge everyone!
One! Day! Just, one! Day!
Be positive in absolutely every way! Even in the face of all hell! Have something positive to say!


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