Oh! What I could Accomplish If Life Didn’t Interfere #What’sUp

Oh! What I could Accomplish If Life Didn’t Interfere #What’sUp

Hi Everyone.

I hope all are well.

Here, It is Friday afternoon, and I’ve not accomplished one thing for my business today other than sharing maybe one or two blog posts and answering a few emails.

I had to go shopping, for there are just some things one must buy in person or in between orders from Amazon. Then, when I returned home, I had to put it all away, throw out the boxes, and packaging and then Eddy’s litter box had to be cleaned, the floors needed vacuuming and counters cleared.

Once that was done, Prince Edward, said, “So, MEOW! Did you brave the masses to buy me food only to keep it hidden away? Can you not see I’m withering away here?”

Once his majesty was fed, and that mess cleaned up, I made a cup of much-needed coffee, sat down to try and whittle down the huge pile of email which had slipped in while I was away, only to receive a text from my property manager to let me know that the electrician was on his way to inspect the wiring in the house for the person buying it and lo and behold the new owner was with him and we sat here and talked to one another for over an hour.

The good news is that he is going to keep me on month-to-month status until I can move, and he will not raise the rent right away. The bad news is that it’s nearly 3 in the afternoon and I’ve gotten nothing done today. LOL.

Oh! What I could accomplish if life didn’t interfere.

PS. The Prince has just come out of hiding to inform me that he is hungry again. LOL.

PPS. Come to think of it, so am I. It has just occurred to me that I’ve eaten nothing all day!

Looks like this day is going to be my day off and I’ll be working later this evening or a bit on Saturday.

Patty L. Fletcher

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