October, a Crazy Busy Month for Edward Cohen Founder of EZ2SeeProducts

October, a Crazy Busy Month for Edward Cohen Founder of EZ2SeeProducts


It has been a crazy busy month.  So there is more than an average amount of news to share.


Besides the unending flood of emails to read, deal with or quickly delete, the weather is starting to act like Fall.  I’ve spent part of many days doing yard chores.  Here is a sample.


Now with the lawn fully covered with leaves, I can finally see the row I just mulched with the electric mower.

That is now the only time of year when you’ll see me out mowing.  The rest of the mowing season is now how the older grandson earns some money.  Or if he isn’t available, my wife doesn’t mind the 30-minute job.  And no, she doesn’t get paid.  Grin.


With cloudy, windy days in the 40’s and freezing temperatures approaching, getting the last slow, deep watering of the planting beds and youngish trees takes a bunch of running around moving hoses.  Finding hose ends this year was easier since I put white duct tape at each end.  Not seeing well can bring out your creative side.


Still more to do.  All 4 hoses had to be fully unrolled to get all the water out.  Then rerolled, secured and stored.  There is no good way to do it that doesn’t result in wet, cold hands.  Oh yes, all the bird feeders had to be filled.


Feeling tired?  Then let’s go inside, warm up and talk business.


Great News About the Sticky Note Pads

Finally, our inventory has been refilled.  They are now going to be a better value.  Here’s why.


Each pad now comes with 100 sheets and 3 pads to a package.  The package price is $6.99.  Single pads can be bought for $2.50, but only on my website, not over Amazon.


A Small Thank You

I’m pleased to offer you, my loyal readers, the following 10% discount code on your 2022 weekly calendar purchase; it is FOEd.  It is not case sensitive.  Use it when you order it by phone with a credit card or check, or when you order through my website.  Sorry, it won’t work if you order through Amazon.


Even More News

We now offer a package of the planner, a 3-pack of sticky note pads and an ILA no-bleed pen for $30.00.   A $7.00 shipping charge still applies to orders less than $50.00.


Address Book Status

The back-and-forth process with the graphic artist to finalize the six files that make up the product is basically done.  What remains is identifying where to manufacture them.  But here’s the rub.


Have you heard of the supply chain disruption?  I have yet to find a company in the US who can punch the paper to work with the disc-based binding system this product must use.  I’ve spoken to 2 companies who do print binding work.  Both say that products using this system are only produced overseas. See the challenge?  I’ll keep you posted as I dig further.


Launching a Local Blind and Low-vision Support Group

Along with some other blind and low-vision friends, I am helping launch our city’s first blind and low-vision support group.  A respectable size group attended our first meeting.  All welcomed its launch.


Promotion Has Definitely Been the Name for This Month, Here’s Why

Canadian Outreach

All three major Canadian blind membership groups were sent my notice that the calendar is now on Amazon.Ca.  Two mentioned it in their monthly newsletter.  The third included it in their Twitter feed.  This effort is my first international sales effort.  Grin


The Blind Life YouTube Channel

Sam Seavey is the person behind The Blind Life YouTube channel.  It is an active and reliable source of information for the visually impaired.  This month he announced that the 2022 EZ2See® calendar was now available.  Sam enthusiastically showed the planner and sticky note pads.


A Live Presentation, Really

I did an hour-long presentation in front of a group of 25 seniors at our local senior center.  It has been over 2 years since I’ve addressed a live audience.  As you might imagine, with minimum preparation I can talk about the cause of my vision loss, what tools, resources and adaptions I use and of course about my business.


But I was asked to talk about what changed in my life, what didn’t change and what was hard to overcome.  So, this talk was far more personal and took quite some time to prepare.  In the end, the questions were good and all seemed pleased.  No sales on site were permitted, but they all saw my creations and many took flyers.  It felt both odd and good to be back in front of a group.


A Unique Holiday Gifts Sales Event

Ever hear about an online sales event called, Let’s go Shopping?  I just learned of it this month.   LGS, as it is called, is an audio only version something like the QVC TV home shopping channel.  It is accessed live by Zoom, the phone and digital assistants.  Then later as a Pod Cast.


Now in its 6th year, its audience has been primarily those for whom getting to the store is difficult or those who just don’t like fighting the crowds. It features more than a dozen vendors.  I will have a 30-minute slot on Friday November 5th and another on Saturday November 6th.


I will shortly send a separate email with more information and how to get all the details about this fun and useful event.


Kentucky Council of the Blind Virtual State Convention

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be one of the vendors hawking their wares virtually at this state convention November 19th.  Vendor’s presentation will be heard live and then recorded.  The recordings will be played on ACB Media 1 (formerly ACB Radio


Then An Old Friend Came to Town

Because I live in the Minnesota city with the Mayo Clinic, many people travel here.  The wife of a long-time friend from Indianapolis had an organ transplant here in the 80’s.  For that reason, they make the 11-hour drive once or twice a year.  So, when the answering machine garbled out his name, I grabbed for the phone.


A couple of days later, we met for lunch and could enjoy catching up while sitting outside on a nice sunny day.  Among the news was that his wife was not doing well these days.  The unspoken message was that this might be their last trip here.  As we prepared to part, I said, “I hope to see you soon”.  To which he replied, “Yeah, me too.”  We shared a long silent hug, then turned and walked our separate ways.


This seems like as good a place as any to sign off.

Stay well and give hugs when you can,



Here is the link to the Twitter Tweet from the Canadian FFB.


This is the link to the Blind Life YouTube video mentioned above.  Sam discusses many topics you may find interesting.  Or jump to the 30-minute spot to see what Sam says about EZ2See’s offerings.  For a complete walk-through of the planner, check out this short older video that fully describes the 2021 planner which is designed exactly like the 2022 edition


For more information about the Kentucky ACB convention, call them at (502) 895-4598, or email them at kcb@kentucky-acb.org


Edward is a low vision senior living in southeast Minnesota.  He is the founding owner of EZ2See® Products LLC.  Visit his website if you or someone you care about is looking for innovative products for those living with

vision loss or other challenges.  Contact him at info@EZ2SeeProducts.com


The 2022 EZ2See® calendar and sticky note pads are on both the EZ2See website and here on Amazon.com.

For those who prefer talking to a human or don’t like buying online, call    800-234-8291.


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