Church services continue. I think this is selfish.

If you cannot find God on your own if you have trouble finding your faith without a group, you need to check yourself.

I walk down to the corner. Working hard to avoid people along my way. What do I see? The park, full of people. Someone giving tennis lessons to a group.

Selfish, inconsiderate, people refusing to social distance.

I sit here by my window, I’ve counted 10 cars in five minutes, that’s two cars per minute.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must stay home.

We are not going to end this thing any other way.

Do United States is now reporting more cases of this virus then Italy.

People are dying!

It is time to get serious.

Stop the madness.

Stop the sickness.

Stay! Home!

I am happy to stay in my yard. I am happy to walk laps around my house. I am happy to give up anything to stop this sickness. What about you?

Stay home! Stay home! Stay home! Stay safe! Stay safe! Stay safe!

Think of someone besides your self!

We must work harder.

We must try harder.

We must find out how to best control this.

New York is still the epicenter.

How can we stop this?

What must we do?

Stop complaining about the quarantine.

Stop being selfish.

Yes it’s hard.

Yes every now and then I melt down.

Yes OK usually I sit on my dick and I fear the quiet.

Not being able to see it’s scary sometimes to not hear one voice.

But it beats death.

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