Oasis For Women

Oasis For Women

This post comes from my journal.

Oasis For Women Kingsport
A Day of Action
Patty L. Fletcher
October, 18 2017

Hello all.
Patty, and King Campbell here, reporting in on our day.
As some of you may know, I’ve been having a rather rough time of it in all ways of my life of late, and although I try to keep a positive attitude about it all, some days it just gets really hard.
Well, all during this rough patch, I’ve been praying and praying.
Asking nothing but to be shown where to go and what to do.
Well, this morning when I woke, honestly, I felt I was as far down as I could get.
So, I decided if that were the case, there was no-place to go but up.
So, I prayed while taking a bath. I’d decided that I did not know what I was going to do, or where I was going to go, but this day I was going somewhere, and do something.
I knew that to sit in this house and wallow in this one more day was just going to be one day too many.
So, when I got out of the tub I prayed again, and then sat down at the computer.
I’ve been thinking about what it was I really needed and wanted in my life.
I had decided what I really needed was the support of other women.
I’m going through a lot of health issues still, and a lot of those issues are women related, so I put into Google, Women’s Centers in Kingsport Tennessee, and this center I’d not thought of in a long time popped up top of the list.
It’s called Oasis For Women and so I clicked the link.
I read about it, and decided to email for more info.
Their coordinator emailed me back, and so after I ate, off Campbell and I went.
I spent the morning filling out some paperwork, making some choices for classes to sign up for, and getting to know some of the others there.
This week is fall break for our school kids, so there were lots of kids there for Campbell to be loved by, and we all had a grand time.
It is on the bus line, so I don’t even have to spend coupons for the door to door to get there, and now I have a pathway to follow.
I’m signed up for a devotional class, and a healthy eating class, and I am going to work with the Life-Bridge Mentor group on resetting my financial situation.
So, not a bad day at all.
That old saying is true.
“Do something least ye do nothing.”
Once again this proves, that whining accomplishes nothing, talking about what you need to do accomplishes nothing, but action can accomplish lots.

Blessings Continued
Later In the Evening

Well, as it turns out the blessings are still coming.

While I was there today they told me that the classes we take can be used to earn points toward things we need.

They had me fill out a sheet that listed things that were urgent needs.

The volunteer gave me a knapsack filled with things on my way out.

I knew there were a couple rolls of TP in there and some women’s products I needed very badly, but I had no idea…

When I opened it just now it was as if Christmas had come.

There were new under-things, socks, deodorant, shaving supplies, as well as the other things I needed. and I quite literally sat down in the floor and wept.

I was completely overwhelmed.

As if this weren’t enough, Campbell and I found that we can be dropped a few blocks from our home in the evenings, and this will allow him to get a good walk, with a good pottie time before coming in.

Since it will be getting dark earlier this will allow him to get a good stretch and this way when we go back out later in the evening and it is dark, and cold, a quick trip out into our front yard which is just off the front porch will be all that will be needed, which solves my worries of living alone during the winter months again this year, and what to do about walking alone in the icy dark.

My balance is not at all what it used to be what with all the health problems I’ve had over the last few months, and I was really concerned about this.

I am so totally blessed this evening!

I’m getting ready to email the center and thank them for their kindness.

Now, here I sit, with all my needs met for this day.

I’ve the things I needed most, a new plan of action, and even a full belly, because I just ate two fat jelly fold-overs made with grape jam, and whole-wheat bread, a big glass of milk, and getting ready to enjoy a cup of coffee, and some relaxation before bed.

Tomorrow, October, 19 we will be headed for Mountain-State OBGYN for my biopsies, and I am already assured, that no matter that outcome, I shall not face it alone.

Well, folks, that’s it for this post, and this is Patty, who is totally blessed, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who already knew she was saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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