Nocturnal Poetic Ramblings of a Manic Muse – Dreams – Reality – a Poem of Some Sort by Patty L. Fletcher #TeamBlue

Nocturnal Poetic Ramblings of a Manic Muse – Dreams – Reality – a Poem of Some Sort by Patty L. Fletcher #TeamBlue

Nocturnal Poetic Ramblings of a Manic Muse

Dreams – Reality

A poem of Some Sort

By Patty L. Fletcher

Moon Phase Waning Crescent

I first thought I’d leave the backstory on this poem for after. But when reading, I changed my mind.
When I sat down to write, I was replaying a dream I’d had during the night, which is the reason for my nocturnal ranting. I know dreaming Blue as lost and I couldn’t find him is a direct manifestation of worries I have of not doing enough for my boy. Doing things incorrectly or something ridiculous.
Last evening, during blue’s bedtime relieving routine, I decided to add on some obedience training. I’m trying to get Blue used to heeling in tight places. Sometimes when going through a narrow place, occasionally, I must heel him through, or follow straight behind to clear a doorway facing or some other similar thing and I hit my right side. Blue is a big dog. He has shown his displeasure at narrow tight places without doubt or fail.
People by and large, don’t understand what they’re seeing if I correct when I bump up against something, and though I try not to deliver a correction which is too heavy for the situation there have been times when I’ve overheard grumblings from observers.
I can only think of once when I might have been slightly heavy handed with a correction. It was not too much though.
I continue to say, “If Blue won’t mind me here where there is a commodity of safety, he won’t mind when I’m crossing a busy intersection, or walking in a crowd.
I prefer to walk and work Blue in the morning, rather than the evening for this reason.
I begin with last night’s feelings when listening to this older and very grumpy yappy dog owner grumble about how “that girl’s mean to that dog.”
That led me to thoughts of a text I received from my father in which he alluded to a Memorial Day gathering then disappeared immediately from the conversation when I asked bluntly about it.
As I wrote, I began to deplete my upset, and look forward to a happy place ahead.
Keep reading for more.

No one knows my rage.
Words on a page.
I’m walking,
obedience training,
maintaining my big, Blue Dog.
We walk,
lightly jog.
For me it’s best in the early morn.
the quiet is ours.
Love the early morning hours.
When Blue awakes,
a walk together we’ll take.
Chief Seeing Eye® Dog gets to set the pace.
In his harness, he’s on the case.
No problem too big to face.
on ramps,
in spaces,
no vehicle belongs.
One day they’ll be old, and blind.
Like me, themselves they might find.
My wish,
that I’ll remember to be kind.
Not someone like themselves, in me to find.
Teeth, I grind.
I’ve made my case.
Spat in their face.
I’ll be going strong.
Long after they’re done singing their shitty song.
Push their gathering in my face.
That’s OK. I like my place.
I’m happy being free to be me.
Come in and visit with me.
Today at 1 PM eastern, join the fun.
In the ACB – American Council Of The Blind.
No better Folkes you’ll find.
Safe, Respectful, Welcoming, and kind.
See ya!

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The photo is of me and Blue having a bit of snuggle time in the floor in Blue’s place at pottery.


  1. I enjoyed the truth of your poem and the cadence. I agree that writing serves many purposes both for the author and the reader. I am glad writing helped your mood too. The picture made a wonderful touch. Best to you and Blue.

  2. Hey! Marlene! Welcome to Patty’s Worlds, where you’re a shining star.

  3. Tasha Halpert Reply
    June 10, 2024

    LOVE that photo. Enjoyed the rant. Hugs, Tasha

  4. Hi tasha. I think it’ll be one of our favorites this year. I got it described to me and I think it’s one of our best. It shows our love.
    Love is what is needed in this world.
    Seems like we’ve been preaching that forever. Maybe the message is the eternity.

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