No Longer Settling for Bread Crumbs of Life

No Longer Settling for Bread Crumbs of Life

 Patty L. Fletcher

May 2016

As I sit here at the end of another lonely day, I think about that old saying we have all heard time and time again. “You get out of life what you put into it.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard and ignored that statement. Now, however as I sit here at about ten in the evening and the house is filled with nothing but silent emptiness, I realize no truer words were spoken.

I for one have decided that I can stand this life no longer. I realize that it is me and me alone that I must blame for my current state, and also it is me and me alone that I must call on to fix it, and make it as I wish it to be.

I realize that I no longer wish to settle for just the bread crumbs of life, but rather I want the entire loaf. I no longer just want the crust, but the soft, and wonderfully sweet middle. I want love, and truly awesome success. I want to walk into a room and people to recognize me from my magazine cover or the book that just got five stars in the New York Book Review. Sound crazy? Well, if it does then that is okay. I got papers to prove that I am just that, and you know what? I do not care. Call me what you will, but I have decided that by the time I turn fifty years old, I want either a great job, so I can fund my writing, or I want to be making so much money by doing my writing work which I love most of all, that I no longer have to concern myself with looking for a job. I also want to find myself on the arm of a man who knows who and what he is, and who and what he wants, and I want one of the things he wants to be me and only me. I don’t want to have to compete with drug, drink, or dirty pictures. I don’t want to be the dirty secret in the closet, because the other woman might find out. I’ve had way too much of that in my life already. I don’t want him to love my dog more than me, and I don’t want him to be with me because he thinks I need him, or me thinking I need him, but purely because we totally and one-hundred percent love one another and without doubt. I no longer want to be thought of as just a benefit, but rather I want to be loved, and allowed without doubt to love back.

I want to travel. I want to see places I never saw before, and do things I never thought I’d do. I want to see the Pacific Ocean. I want to go back to New York and really see it. I want to see a real Broadway play, or maybe go to France.

I want to have a bestselling book. Maybe two or three. I want my magazine to be one of the biggest and  most sought after in the whole United States. I am going to have and do these things and more, and I will no longer settle for anything less.

I decree this very night, by the powers I know to be real and true, that this will be so, and I am writing it for the world to see.

I feel better, and more free from just having written this down, spoken my peace, and putting it all out there for the entire world, universe etc to see.

I hope you will do the same. If you have dreams and desires, make them happen. Life is short. Not one of us is promised anymore than right now. We can die in an instant, so let us live while we can.

Until next time this is Patty, Campbell, and Bob Cat too saying, May harmony find you, and blessid be.




  1. Real good ideas that you have.I have no doubt that you will achieve your dreams.

    1. Thank you! My dear friend! For your confidence!

  2. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:

    So, I wrote this nearly three years ago.
    Still I’ve none of what I said I wanted.
    So, what am I doing wrong?

  3. You are planting seeds…and they are growing. I see huge growth in your business, your circle of friends, and especially in your writing ability and outlook on Life…not what to mention what remains to be revealed! Blessings and love to you!

    1. Hi suppose this is true. Just seemed like it was the same old song different date tell meet. LOL. I suppose it’s like the forest for the trees thing.

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