No, I’ve Not Fallen from the Face of the Worlds – A Writerly Snit and Surprise – Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue – Moving and More #MyWritingLife

No, I’ve Not Fallen from the Face of the Worlds – A Writerly Snit and Surprise – Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue – Moving and More #MyWritingLife

Good morning, I hope all are well.

Here, the coffee is hot. The weather is not, and that’s the way Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue and I love it. Before I go forward with what’s up in our world, let me say the following is a bit jumbled. The way it’s written is how it came to me. I’m jazzed up and it’s a good jazz. Bear with me and enjoy.

Contrary to popular belief. I’ve not fallen off the face of the Worlds. I’ve been sucked into my writing. It seems to have consumed me. Some might say this is unhealthy. This is just how I roll. I hit writing jags. I write furiously for several weeks, and poof! A first draft is born. When it’s done, I slip it into a folder and lay it away to simmer. I will usually participate in an anthology or something, work on my blog or all of the above while it rests. After some time has passed, I’ll pick it up again, read it through and either add to, take away or both.

After the second draft is done, it’s time for me to have someone else take a crack at it. I’m not quite to that point yet, though I have come to the middle of the book. It’s exciting to watch it come to life. You all can think me strange if you wish. I love what I’m doing.

Here we are at the end of 2023. Can you believe it’s gone? I did so much yet finished hardly a thing. That’s what life is to me. One continuous awesome project. There are so many different things to do all the time, I don’t know how I stayed lost in my head for so long. I think the problem for me then was not having the things I needed to be part of the world as it is rather than how it was. I was living with out-of-date phones, no computer and still reading books on cassettes. I was left behind.

In 2007 things changed. I was introduced to tech. Now I am sort of addicted to tech. It helps me do what I love.

All through the month of November, my computer had been acting up, making writing or any other work nearly impossible. I was miserable because there were things I needed to do and words bursting out of me, and I couldn’t get a thing done.

Casey Mathews of WebFriendlyHelp with whom I never want to try to manage my tech life without, worked on it, updated a few things, and fixed a few more. It’s running better than it’s done in a while, and though it still has times of frozen voices and nonresponsive programs I’m getting some real milage out of it too. It’s letting me pour the words out onto the page and work on them until they make sense. Nobody flinches when I say I spent four or five hours in the pottery room working on a clay building project but if I say I spent four or five hours at the keyboard writing I’m suddenly a weirdo. Where in all hell do people think the books they read come from? They’re not from some stupid program and make all the AI you want it’s never gonna duplicate me.

Well, I guess I am sort of having a snit. If I have to hear one more time, “Oh you have sure caught the writing bug, or my favorite, are you still working on that book?”

No, I’ve not got a writing bug. This is my job. There are days like now, when I love it and hate everything that takes me away from spending time with Laya, Derrick, and the gang.

However, there are just as many times when I’d rather be playing Dice world or RS games with my friends, hanging out in a chat call with the community or sitting on the floor playing with Blue and no words come so yes, I’m still working on that book.

Sometimes, there are unexpected surprises, such as the one I found yesterday evening, after surfacing from one of my writing waves.

The note from Sally read…

Hi Patty.. hope the week has gone well so far.

As promised the link to the Christmas Book Fair today.

Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair 2023 – #Crime #Mystery Patty L. Fletcher, #Murder #Paranormal Richard Dee, #Teen #YA #Coming of Age Thomas Lopinski, #Shortstories Geoff Le Pard

I hope it does well for you..

hugs Sally

I’ve just come from the post, and it is indeed doing well. It’s these nuggets of joy that fuel my writer’s heart. Validation of one’s work is priceless.

Thanks, Sally.


Today, I’m going to catch up on my duties. I’ll give each their due diligence. I will resent it. If I had my way, I’d get up in the morning, go for a walk, have a cup of coffee, and sit down at the computer and not look up again until lunch. Blue wouldn’t care as long as he got to work every day and of course, played with toys until my arms fell off. He’s the perfect dog for this stage in my life. I cannot wait to move to a different area so Blue and I both get more of what we need.

It will help us to be in a more self-contained environment. Living with everything enclosed in a building will be easier for me.

Being able to walk to a few places and access buses easily will also make a difference. In the meantime, I must survive my current situation. Blue and I are maintaining, and I was super glad to get a good report from a seasoned trainer from The Seeing Eye® I was a little worried about us. He said we looked good and the area I was considering moving to looked like something we could easily handle.

I suppose overall Blue, and I are doing well. There are many concerns in our immediate living situation. We’re doing all we can for now. So, with many thanks to you for reading to the end. I wish you a joyful day.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.

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  1. I’ve just retired and now spend less time writing than I did before. I’ve joined a few clubs and at the moment prefer not to sit in front of a screen all day.

    1. I think everyone should do what makes them happy.

  2. Trish Hubschman Reply
    December 14, 2023

    You sound like a true and DEDICATED WRITER

    1. Thanks Trish. I think from now on I’m going to schedule all my blog posts for the week ahead of time that way I don’t get lost in what I’m doing and forget.

  3. Never apologise for getting lost in your writing Patty.. it is what we do.. Delighted to show case your latest book.. enjoy the rest of the week and thanks for linking to the post.. hugs Sally.

  4. Thanks for the understanding. So many don’t.

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