Nighttime Antics (Quatrain) By Marlene Mesot

Nighttime Antics (Quatrain) By Marlene Mesot

It’s 8:22 PM eastern – Sundown.

This evening, author, poet, and sponsoring member Marlene Mesot transforms day into night.

Take it away Marlene!

Nighttime Antics


By Marlene Mesot


Nocturnal noises knock around,

As nightfall hovers in.

Upon fleeting feet

Daylight fades to dim.

Nimble footed ninja cats,

Prowl atop the fence.

Flying bats and hooting owls

Mount their defense.

Night crawlers nestle near the bank,

As water ripples still.

Uncertainty shrouds the landscape,

Until morning shatters that will.

About Author Marlene Mesot.

Curiosity fuels her passion for contemporary mystery writing. She shares her love of God, family, friendships and animals with her readers. Marlene Mesot was an only child. She is legally blind and moderately deaf due to nerve damage at premature birth.

Visit her at:

Marls Menagerie Website

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