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  1. Hey Patty, thanks for sharing my blog! So happy this is helpful for people, I’ve also created downloadable printables that are related, in case that’s interesting.

    1. Well, I myself do not read print, as I am a totally blind author, however, if ever I find places who might be able to use these, I’ll keep it in mind, and you’re very welcome for the reblog.

      1. I’ve just been reading your blog – it’s such a great thing to signpost folk the way you do. My small efforts in education seem a bit feeble by comparison.

        1. Everyone has their own way.

          No way is the wrong way.

          I have a ton of free time on my hands, and lots of folks do not.

          I spend a ton of time reading blogs, and writing my own posts too.

          I am glad you have taken a look round, and hope you’ll check out my books as well.

          Glad to have met you.

          I think that’s my favorite thing about blogging. Meeting the people.

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