NEWS NUGGETS #Newsletter#Event#Update

NEWS NUGGETS #Newsletter#Event#Update

Hello everyone.

Hope everyone is well.

Here, weather continues to be nasty with rain changing over to snow and all the water which fell over the last two days freezing in spots.

I decided to stay home. Campbell had a good start to his morning. He got up as I did at just before 6, drank a huge lot of water, then climbed back into my bed and snoozed for another hour while I made coffee, and fixed his breakfast.

Taking care of an elderly dog can be a challenge. Even something as simple as breakfast is a process. I already had an open can of food in the frig, so I filled the sink with very hot water, and sat the can into it to warm. Then once coffee was to hand for me to sip out of my insulated Mug I took the can out, cut up his medications into it, took a fork and mixed it well then covered it again and put it back into the water to continue warming while I got my face washed teeth and hair brushed and got myself dressed to go outside so I’d be ready when Campbell decided to crawl out of bed.

I took my time and enjoyed my coffee and I also did some tweeting and sharing of things on FB because I had my phone notifications on and it’s just so easy to swipe and tap while doing other things.

Finally I was done with my morning routine, another cup of coffee was poured into my cup to stay warm, Campbell was up and so out into the blow of the storm we went.

He was turned on by all that wind and frozen rain, so I pulled on my warm hat and stuffed my hands into my pockets after wrapping the leash around my wrist and let him enjoy.

I’m learning to determine Campbell’s good days by the little enjoyments he finds throughout the day. So when he enjoys a morning sniff fest or some play time with a toy, I know we’re doing OK.

Bubba Dog With Sheep Stuffy

My Work today has been a day of ingathering. While reading email I’ve run across some great stuff for my newsletter the Writer’s Grapevine. If you’re not currently receiving the Writer’s Grapevine and you’d like to subscribe please be sure to send an email with your name and email address to: Be sure to put Writer’s Grapevine Subscribe in the subject line.

I’ve also been working with a few clients who aren’t going to be able to attend and they’ve sent some great stuff for my Facebook event Sharing Is Caring happening February 8 and 9 starting at 2 P.M. Eastern both days. If you’ve not signed up to attend you may do so by visiting:

Not a client of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist)? That’s OK. All are welcome. It’s a pop in at will event so anyone can come by and share their book, blog or business info.

Well, that’s what’s going on with me. How about you? I’m always happy to hear from you so be sure to reply and let us know what you’re up to.

Before I go I’d like to introduce you to today’s post sponsor Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Please continue reading below to learn of her latest book release.




I am announcing the latest news on my publications.


My firs chapbook has been published by Finishing Line Press.

I’ve put together a collection of 30 poems with a wintry theme.

It is available in paperback or Hard Back copies directly from the publisher at Finishing Line Press. I am so thrilled to have my chapbook available as a hard bound book as well as a print edition.


I wanted to write a chapbook for a long time. I like them and have a little collection of special chapbooks.  They are like a work of art, to me.


A chapbook is shorter than a full length book and it has a focus on one theme.

Since I’ve always found Winter to be a beautiful time of year in my area of Western Pennsylvania, this is my way of celebrating the season.


With this new publication I am thinking about creating a chapbook for each of the 4 seasons.  I like to work in a series, and I think this would be a nice way to do that in the future.


My poems are spare – uncluttered by unnecessary words or punctuation. I like to keep them pure and without distractions.  Readers tell me how enjoyable it is to read my seasonal poems.  Here is a quote by a reader,


The crisp quality of the words and vision…are made poignant by the author’s personal history and victory with physical sight. Her heart comes through her hands and pen. Her words are fresh, yet rooted and ancient. The Natural realms intersecting with the Spiritual realms plus the Human daily-realm creates a deeply pleasing flavor of poetry. Accessible. Thoughtful. Power

_Elizabeth Enright Phillips, owner of Running Creek Co Limited, ardent minimalist, author






Get YOUR COPY OF THIS LIMITED EDITION chapbook. #poetry, #book #booklovers #readers #flp  #poetrylovers #chapbook
Contact me for more information or for personally signed copies at   Phone: 724 738 4979







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