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Hello to readers everywhere.

This post will go out several places. If it’s a repeat for some I apologize.

Anyhow, a lot his going on around here so in an effort to get everyone on the same page I’m writing this and sharing it round.

First, to business.

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Now to personal news.

Many of you have written privately to ask after Campbell. Your continued interest in his wellbeing is touching and much appreciated.

Campbell turned 11 years old in November. For those who don’t know, Campbell is a black Labrador who for 8 and ½ years served as my guide dog. He comes from The Seeing Eye guide dog school in New Jersey and you can learn all about them by visiting:

Campbell is now fully retired. As some know he began having health issues last year about this time and as of January 10, 2020 we have not been able to define his diagnosis down to just one thing. I’m to consult with one of the veterinarians on his medical team later today but unless something new turns up it is our opinion that Campbell is simply aging, and his body is wearing out.

I’m taking care of him daily and plan to continue to do so until he passes away.

I’ve been asked when I’ll go and get a new working dog. After careful consideration of our current situation although last year I did request and receive an evaluation visit from The Seeing Eye in preparation to attend training to receive a successor dog, I’ve decided to hold off on that process.

Owning and working a new guide dog is a lot of time and energy consuming work. If Campbell were reasonably healthy and simply no longer working I would be able to manage a new working dog because in most situations the retired dog is happy to simply turn into a couch potato and has the attitude of, “Take my mom please?”

But, since Campbell requires some extra care and I live alone with no daily support I’ve decided to bring a new dog into the mix would simply set us all up to fail.

When Campbell is no longer with me, I will then, after a time of grieving go to The Seeing Eye and train for a successor dog.

It is my feeling that if I am to have a relationship with a new dog even closely resembling what I have had with Campbell over all these wonderful years that this decision is best.

I’ll be writing much more about the events which have taken place over this past year later. For now let me just suffice it to say that although we’ve had some good times while Campbell has enjoyed retired life it has also been very challenging.

I’d like to add that The Seeing Eye has been most supportive and to them I say thank you.


Tech News.

Many of you know that last April I bought a computer from Computers For the Blind. Since my purchasing this computer I’ve had one issue after another with the blasted thing. Although their “Volunteer Techs” worked with me over the phone a couple of times, they were never able to resolve the computer’s issues.

After having the thing evaluated by several different “Certified technicians” the conclusion is that the main issue with this computer is that there is simply not enough RAM to support all the computer’s function.

Yesterday I went to a center which assists disabled persons with all things tech:


Their technicians agree with the others who have evaluated the computer and they’ve said that if I purchase the RAM chips for the computer that one of their techs will install them for me and also will see to making sure that my Windows 10 is updated.

This I must say is a huge relief to me. Just knowing exactly what is wrong and having someone to fix the problem is a large weight off my shoulders.

When the parts needed arrive my Blind Services worker will during her weekly trips to and from Knoxville and Johnson City transport the computer to the tech and then back to me once the repairs are done.

Many have asked me if I would recommend Computers For the Blind after having had this experience.

I’m going to answer you this way. If you purchase a computer from them you will need to purchase enough extra RAM and have them install it so that your computer will function as it should.

2 or 4 Gig of RAM is simply not sufficient for running a screen reader program along with your operating system, Microsoft Word and whatever other programs you may run.

Personally I will never work with Computers For the Blind again and if someone asks me directly for a computer assistance referral I will refer them to PC For People:


Writing News.

And finely onto my upcoming book.

It has been my hope to have my latest creation ‘Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: Book One How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life (second edition) published in April which is mine and Campbell’s 9TH anniversary month. However, given the fact that I’m about to be without a computer for a week or 2 I will not commit to that publication date. I still have a lot of work needing done on the manuscript and Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House:  has told me that if I want the book published in April 2020 that she and her staff must have the manuscript to work on by March 1 and I simply don’t think I can meet that timeframe with all the other obligations I have at this time. So, while it would be nice, I don’t think it’s going to happen.


Well, that’s it. If you read all this I say thank you.

As always I’m interested in what’s going on with you so please do keep in touch.






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