I am thrilled to write this Spring Newsletter to you today.

April is a productive month for my literary life this year.


by Lynda McKinney Lambert, C 2021

In e-book and Paperback (207 pages) from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online sellers.

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The front cover of this book features a gorgeous photo of Venice, Italy, taken at sunset. Six blue and black gondolas are at rest on the water in the foreground, and a blue and white cathedral and several additional buildings are in the background, on the far shore. The top and bottom cover bands are a deep reddish brown, echoing the color of the buildings to the right of the cathedral. The lettering for the title and the author’s name is very pale gray, almost white. On the back cover are the synopsis, a short poem, and a photo of the author. A larger version of that same photo is in the book.

From the Prologue and Epilogue of Songs for the Pilgrimage:

The word pilgrimage refers to a spiritual journey. Individuals commit to traveling to reach a predetermined destination, such as a shrine or holy place. The excursion is a trek from one location to another. Pilgrimage has been an abiding theme in my writing for several decades.

My first book, Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage (Kota Press, 2002, now out of print), was inspired by my annual journeys to Salzburg, Austria, where I taught a month-long drawing and writing course. I revised and expanded that previous collection of stories, poems, historical notes, and journal entries for this new book. Songs for the Pilgrimage features writings and photographs I created over four decades. Publishing this new book nineteen years after the original book came out has been an exciting adventure. I worked on the revised and expanded new book nearly every day for the past year.

I conclude Songs for the Pilgrimage with an artist’s prayer which I wrote as a reflection on Psalm 23:

My studio is yours, Lord. Be my welcome guest today. Your goodness and unfailing kindness have been with me all my life. I have tried to make your glory visible in the works of art I have created. Someday I will close the door of my studio for the final time, but I will not be alone. Together, we will go to your home, where we will continue to collaborate on glorious projects throughout eternity. Amen.

Lynda McKinney Lambert’s previous four books are the chapbook first snow (2020), Star Signs: New and Selected Poems (2019), Walking by Inner Vision (2017), and Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage (2002).

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  1. I found the article very interesting very admiring of those whose faith is so strong they are able to endure the rigours of a pilgrimage. Very envious of the paragraph about being in Salzburg.

  2. The book is going to be quite fascinating I cannot wait to read it. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

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