New WordPress Editor Accessible? Friendly? NOT!

New WordPress Editor Accessible? Friendly? NOT!

Not long ago I read a blog post on the WordPress blog about the new editor.

I made a comment which stated I didn’t find the new editor very friendly with my screen reader.

One thing lead to another and someone from WordPress reached out to me saying that they wanted to make the new editor more screen reader friendly and would I be interested in helping.

Well, I thought about it and decided, why not? I could see if it can be done.


I had them set up a test site. I began to try to make sense of the new editor. I began to get a major headache.

I wrote back to the person I was dealing with and told them that was the most confusing thing on planet.

The person wrote back with a reply which included a link which was supposed to describe using the editor with a screen reader.

I was wrong. The using of the new editor was not the most confusing thing on planet. The article the link the guy sent me was.

Here’s the Link

See what you think.

I’ve just heard from a screen reader user who says he could follow it but it still doesn’t make him want to switch to the new editor.

Opinions welcome.



  1. I’m with you, Patty. My head is spinning after reading the article. Nothing should be that difficult, when it takes longer to learn the editor then it does to post. I won’t be switching anytime soon and hope WordPress keeps the classic editor available. Thanks for making WordPress aware, and for sharing your experience and the link.

    1. Hi Crystal.

      First, thanks for reading and commenting.

      Next, if you or anyone is interested in having WordPress know your thoughts, please email me at:

      And I’ll share the contact info I have.

      Patty L. Fletcher

      Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant


      Website: .

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