New post #TuesdayRunes – Jera

New post #TuesdayRunes – Jera

#TuesdayRunes – Jera

by Jan Sikes

Welcome back as we continue our study of the Elder Futhark Script Runes!

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Today, we continue on in the Hagal’s Aett Runes with Jera (Yair-ah)


Jera is the rune of harvest and of the seasonal year, which is ever turning. Jera signifies that each season of a cycle has its purpose, and so it also reminds us that the attainment of goals often takes time. A seed planted in spring must be given time to grow, and the resulting plant can only be harvested in its proper time. But provided you have put the necessary work into preparing the soil, tending the crops, and reaping the harvest, Jera indicates that your efforts will be successful.

As the fourth rune in Hagal’s Aett, Jera follows the series of three runes that focused on obstacles. If you have been dealing with adversity, Jera emerges

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