New Moon Revelations: A Poem of Reality

New Moon Revelations: A Poem of Reality

I want to stym the anger. Want to stop the tears.
Want to stop the shivers, shakes, and fears.
I’ve learned there are questions, I don’t really want the answers to, but I’m grateful to have them, and to the New Moon I say thank you.

Thank you for revealing those to me who are real and true. Those who will be there when the chips are really down. For those who will truly see me and my pup through.

I ask of you dear Mother Father God be not angry with those who aren’t true. I really don’t think they can help it. To hurt on purpose, I don’t think they really mean to.

What I think is that there are some, who simply can only give so much. And that when times are tough, sickness is afoot to give of themselves is just too much.

Just as I wish for people to accept me as I am, I must when asked do the same for my fellow man.

Even though it hurts, even though the reality stinks, that’s just how it is, or so it would seem.

I ask you God and Goddess provide that which I need. I ask you provide me with reliable friends and loved ones with great speed.

I ask you also, if you could pretty please? Answer the one request I’ve made with great haste if you please?

I desperately want and need restoration of things in my life, and immediate removal of a negativity and strife.

I thank you for answering this request for me.
So mote it be, and blessid be.


If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way
Be impeccable with your word

I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant is faithful 100 percent.
Damn shame people aren’t.
Good Night All!

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