New moon affirmations in a wind storm

New moon affirmations in a wind storm

Hello to everyone and happy new Moon. I am sitting here late in the evening, listening to the wind outside. We have had rain, thunder, and I believe there were a few hail stones.

Here are my affirmations for the new moon.

I am love

I am peaceful

I am patient

I am prosperous

I am positive

I am kind

I am caring

I am assertive yet submissive

I am happy

I am organized

I am clean

I am all things wonderful

Here’s hoping everyone has a happy new Moon and a wonderful week ahead. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving have a happy Thanksgiving. Until next time this is Patty and king Campbell a.k.a. Bubba saying…

May harmony find you blessed be.



  1. What do you know?

    Dictation did OK

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