Negativity, Are We Drawn To It?

Negativity, Are We Drawn To It?

Good morning everyone! I’ve a question for you this morning! ‘Negativity, Are We Drawn To It?’ Why do I ask? You’re wondering. Well, let me enlighten you. Over the weekend I noticed something that, to put it quite bluntly disturbed and annoyed me just a bit. I posted some upsetting news about a friend of mine, and I posted something about my having a cold on Facebook. Then a little later I posted my Saturday evening ‘Positive Perspective’ post from here on my FB timeline as well. Then I started going through notifications a little later in the evening. What do you think I noted? I noted that there were more responses and reactions to the two negative posts than the one positive one. Why is this? Well, I’m going to speak on it…

I believe that we are trained and conditioned by our own government and media to react to negativity twice as much as positivity. I believe that the government uses the media to rule by fear, upset and chaos. I believe the current political scene is depending upon such more than any other in recorded history, and I believe that we as Americans are “Allowing such!” Yes, I wrote it! “Allowing Such!” By recognizing the negative above the positive, seeking it out and responding to it other than being the other way around, we are “Allowing” the current political leaders to draw us into a path that will in the end lead to our very destruction!

Yes, all leaders over time have done this, but never before have I seen such chaos and negativity brought to the forefront as this leadership is doing. It is as if they wish to keep us off balance. To keep us upset, and afraid. Well, I for one am not taking this lying down! Yes, those posts I posted this weekend needed some attention, but they did not need nor deserve near the reaction they got, and the ‘Positive Perspective’ post I posted deserved much more, and did not get it. I felt annoyed, hurt and depressed at the way friends and family reacted so readily to the negative and were so very nonresponsive for the positive.

When I posted about the upcoming publishing of a new book I got hardly any response at all, and that is frustrating. That is why families see so much depression among their loved ones. It is because we are quite literally feeding on it. A person who is depressed and despondent can get twice the reaction as one who is positive and upbeat. If we’d turn that around we’d see…
* Less depression
* more happiness
* more people willing to try

So this week I challenge you! Ignore the bad, and react to the good! Try it and see what you get.

Ask yourself how many times you pass over something good someone writes saying to yourself, “Oh they’re doing well.” And nothing more… It’s just this way. If I never praised Campbell for the good he does for me, he wouldn’t do it anymore. Same goes for those who are depressed around you. If they get attention every time they post a negative post, have a depressive thought etc. they’re going to do more. Why? Because you recognized them. If however you’d respond to the good they’re doing when they do it, and give little to no reaction to their wining and feeling down, they might just stop.

Give this some thought as you go through your week this week.

Have a great and ppositive day! If! You! Dare!

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