Need to Communicate

Need to Communicate

 Patty L. Fletcher

April 10 2016


Over the years I’ve developed a strong need to communicate. To the point of being OCD at times.  It is my feeling this need stems from the time I spent with my now EX fiancé. Many times he ignored me, blew me off, belittled me, and made me feel rather small for doing the simplest things such as calling him, or sending a birthday card.

However, this deep need to communicate has over time turned in to something that at times causes me much issue. First off I have a need to communicate everything I am thinking feeling and doing. This has a tendency to put people off. They don’t want long drawn out conversation, nor do they want to read long letters, especially in emails.

There used to be a time when front porch sitting was a big thing, and folks sat late in to the evening talking telling stories from the past, and spending time together. This was a great way of communicating. Since the advent of Radio, TV, Internet and Smart Phones, a lot of this has gone by the way side.

People like to “Get it over with” They want a one line text, or a four line email. They like a five minute call or none at all. I’ve had several say, “I just don’t have time to talk with folks.” Yet when I find them later they are doing nothing. Playing games on their phone, swimming through Facebook, or simply turning in to a lump in front of the TV.

How I long for someone who likes to take long walks. To sit on the porch swing on late summer evenings discussing their day, or telling funny stories from long ago. How I desire someone who appreciates a long Braille letter or recorded message that conveys what they’re up to, and connects friends on a deeper level. When I share these things with people I hear “Patty you’re showing your age.” Well, maybe so but to me a lot of problems that are happening within society today could be solved with decent communication. Not talking at one another, but to one another. Listening to and Understanding the other’s point of view, and finding common ground on which to stand, or realizing through their communication that it is no longer great for them to be with one another.

The family dynamic would revive itself. Work ethic would rise, and unemployment would drop. The economy would truly repair itself, and folks like Donald Trump and others who would squash us would not be. We would be communicating so well we’d know we didn’t want such.

This is, of course, my simple ranting, and most likely means nothing to anyone but me. Why? Because this writing I’m doing is in fact a form of communication, and other than you blog readers, who are communicators too, no one cares to read it and learn from it.

So, how do we combat this? I have no idea. Do you?


Challenge for the week! Pick one person you have not spoken to in a long time. Give them a call, write them a letter, or send them a card. Find a great way to communicate, and see what happens. You just might be surprised.



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