National Poetry Month Day 19 – Human Spirit a Poem by author Trish Hubschman

National Poetry Month Day 19 – Human Spirit a Poem by author Trish Hubschman

Human Spirit

By Trish Hubschman

Day 19 NPM


Writing poetry.

Flowing out of me.

Barely giving it a thought,

Just doing it.

Putting words on paper,

Like an artist’s brush on canvas

Or a pianist’s fingers on the keys.

I feel fulfilled,



I feel like a true poet.

Rendition o Partridge Family song:

Hear the music ring.

See all the happy people here.

I know they are there.

Songs in the air.

Enjoying the songs playing on.

Power of Sex


By Trish Hubschman

Protein is an important factor.

Overall good health is required too.

Whatever happens, happens. Don’t blame me.

Excitement, exquisite, energetic.

Ready, set, go

Okay, stop, somethings wrong.

Forget to boot the equipment.

Such a small word for such a major thing.

Entertaining, one on one.

X-rated, X-rated, X-rated.

Trish Hubschman is the author of the Tracy Gayle mystery series: Tidalwave, Stiff Competition, Ratings Game, Uneasy Tides, and Gayle’s tales.


Trish is a graduate of Long Island University’s Southampton Campus and has a Bachelor’s degree in English-writing. She is deaf-blind and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Kevin and their dog, Henry.

Visit her website.


  1. Trish Hubschman Reply
    April 19, 2023

    The first poem is deep. I’m committ ed to National Poetry Month and it’s changed my life. I hope readers got a kick out of the acrostic

    1. They were all great.

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