My Screen Reader Has a Split Personality a Poem by Patty L. Fletcher

My Screen Reader Has a Split Personality a Poem by Patty L. Fletcher

I sat the voice.

Told it how fast it could talk, gave it no choice.

It said to me,
humph! We’ll see.

Right in the middle of my work, it crashed again and again.

To this hell,

there seems no end.

Then, when it’s brought back to life,
it’s back to the original voice,
oh! What a life!

Voice one,

voice 2.

To which do I listen?

What do I do?



The right one is back again.

I checked everything,
it’s in harmony.

Will it stay?

I don’t know.

I’ve a tech eval,
new things hopefully coming,
will they?

Oh! Oh! Screen Reader please?

Just speak with one voice and leave off the other, if you please?

It is believed there are several things wrong with my computer. I’ve had a tech evaluation from the tech people our Blind Services uses, muscled along by a detailed report written by the Vexinator! Casey Mathews of Web Friendly Help.

If you’ve a tech twister needing untangled, Casey is your go to guy.

Casey is also a sponsoring member of Patty’s Worlds.

Check him out at

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Patty L. Fletcher

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