My Political Thoughts

My Political Thoughts


Patty L. Fletcher

June, 2017


Good day to all! I invite you to comment on this post.

I’m going to make some comments here about Donald Trump, the government, and our current situation. I ask you to read this with an open mind.

I’m happy to read, and listen to, anything you have to say. Be polite, is all I ask.

First of all, I do not currently agree with much Donald Trump has to say, his method of running the country etc.

I think his lack of impulse control is disturbing. I think someone ought to take his twitter device, away from him until he gets that more under control, and I, as a person who has issue with impulse control, understands, some of what he does.

He says things, then goes back on them, and sometimes, I think, even wishes he hadn’t said them at all. Although, you’d never get him to admit it.

I think, that, it is sad, that we elected a man with no prior political experience, however, we have him now, and there’s nothing to do for that, yet, at least.

The investigations are happening, and that leads me to my next subject.

I think, the fact, that we have a president under such investigation, puts us at significant risk. Should he be found guilty, it could quite literally topple our government, and throw us into a situation, which could, if not quickly gotten under control, allow, another country, to come in and take control of us.

I’d like to see, those in power, such as the Congress, and senate, get on a more united front. There are, checks and balances set-up in our governmental system, that are also going helter skelter, and it is time for that to come to an All! Stop!

To those in the news media. If it is true say it, print it, etc. We still have freedom of the press, and we ought to have the right to make our facts known. However, this does not! Give you, who post fake news, the right to do so. If you can back it up, then say, print, whatever, but if it is absolutely a lie, there should be stiff consequence for that.

I cannot remember the man’s name, who is admittedly reporting fake news, but I think that person needs to be jailed for his doings, and anyone else found to be purposefully reporting fake news, ought to face the same fate. Reporting fake news, puts us at risk. It causes misrepresentation of our country, political system, and causes unnecessary unrest!

I think, it is time for us to remember from where we come, and I think you all better start checking your gene pool before you start hollering about folks from other countries being here.

I am undecided on the Cuban issue. On one hand, I think we should be able to travel back and forth. On the other, if it is so, that money is being spent on beefing their military, by tourism, etc. then, we do have to think about it, because the government there is not one, we’d like in our face, running our country, and folks, they’re right up our ass, close.

Concerning terrorism, and our involvement with fighting it. Unfortunately, we are all going to have to fight it. There’s no getting out of it, and there are going to be times when there have to be boots on the ground, air strikes, and yes, even civilians killed. It’s called war. It’s nasty, horrifying, horrible, and horrendous.

There being yet another attack in the UK this day is reason enough.

Killing people just because of how they worship is not right. Not all those who are Muslim agree with what those radical groups are doing.

How do you, who are Adventist, or Mormon like it when you’re compared to those who get off-shoot groups of your faith going? You do not. So, all of you, doing such, knock that crap off!

Now, I could go on and on, but I’m going to make one more observation, and then be done.

The health care plan, that our previous president put into place, did not do what it needed to do. However, that which Donald Trump wants, will indeed hurt lots of people, so, try again folks. That is not good what you did.

Now, I’m done and y’all can tell me what you think, because as far as I know it’s still a free country to believe in what you wish.

What you may not do, is bully, be violent, and destroy others just because you think you’re right.

Blessid Be.


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