My Heart’s Call

My Heart’s Call

Good morning. I hope this day finds all feeling frisky, curious, and ready to explore a new day. If it is night where you are, then I really hope the day you’ve just had was super awesome!

This morning as I sit in the quiet warmth of my living room, with the rain pattering all round outside, I am awe struck at the beauty of it. The song, mother nature is singing is most amazing. It puts music to the verses of song I’ve been singing now in different variations while walking Campbell here for the last few years.

Our times out and about running errands, making friends on the bus and all, they’re great and we wouldn’t trade any experience for any other thus far. However, our walks here in the yard, with Campbell on his leash except during bad weather or sickness, and me walking alongside him happily learning to trust him in a whole new way… Those times are precious and now that we find ourselves going into new lands unlike anything we’ve done before I find it is a bitter sweet moment for me. On the one hand I am relieved to be leaving the prospects of walking in snow, ice, mud, while watching for whatever new and interesting obstacle lay in wait for us behind, and on the other hand the times Campbell and I have spent walking through tall grasses in spring, mown lawns in late summer, crunching through piles of sweetly smelling autumn leaves, and wading through frozen mounds of snow, and patches of deep sticky mud were fabulous and we’ll miss the hell out of them.

As I hear the sounds of my family waking above me, and the rain continues to fall, the sounds of all mixed with Campbell’s slow breathing and the rhythmic song of the chimes from the porch is barely describable with the words available to me.

It has added all the sounds of natures Symphony, to my words, and I am sorry I can find no way to share what I hear any better. I leave you with our song as it is today day of Tuis, Tuesday, Sign of Ares, day of courage, strength, healing, and communication.

Listen to the morning sing.
Listen to the chimes ring.
Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing.

Listen to the rainfall.
Listen to my heart call.
Listen! To King Campbell’s bell ringing.

Whenever I sing this song the memories I have of all the most awesome morning frozen sniff feats, or late summer evening walks will be ever etched, in my mind, heart, and soul. I am ever grateful for what I have had, what I have, and for what is to come.

I invite, and encourage you to come along and go with Campbell and me, and let us see what we do see.

Until next time this is Patty and the ever faithful, and trusting, King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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