My Halloween Reading: What Are You Reading This Spooky Season?

My Halloween Reading: What Are You Reading This Spooky Season?

Since we are just days away from Halloween, I decided I needed a little Horror in my life.

These stories have not disappointed.

I’m part-way in, and have so far been truly creeped out.

And, after all isn’t that the point?

The over-view of the editor’s picks for great horror novels was great too, except that it has caused my TBR list to grow. LOL!

Anyhow, here’s NLS.

Oh yeah, they picked just the right narrator for this too. Ray,
knows just
how to use his voice, in just the right way to really bring out
the creep

Happy Halloween reading everyone!
If you do not qualify for the NLS reading program, go to where-ever you get your reading material, and enjoy!

The best
horror of the year. Volume eight DB88404

Datlow, Ellen. Reading time: 14 hours, 59 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Short Stories
Supernatural and Horror Fiction

In addition to the editor’s overview of the genre of horror for
2015, this
collection contains twenty short stories she has chosen as the
best of that
year. Authors include Neil Gaiman, John Langan, Kelley
Armstrong, Laird
Barron, and Stephen Graham Jones. Violence, strong language, and
descriptions of sex. 2016.

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