My First Cochlear Surgery the Untold Story by Trish Hubschman #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #SocialMediaMonday

My First Cochlear Surgery the Untold Story by Trish Hubschman #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #SocialMediaMonday

My First Cochlear Surgery

The Untold Story

by Trish Hubschman

April 2021

Long island, October 21, 2002 — The day was finally here.  I was going to have cochlear implant surgery. I’d overcome so many hurdles to get to this point. I was very excited and physically and mentally drained. Over the past six months or so, my surgeon, Dr. Everett Greenberg, had sent me for a battery of tests to determine the degree of my hearing loss and the damage to the nerves. He felt I was a good candidate for the CI. On my own, I had done Internet research into the CI and the different companies that made it. I’d also spoken to medical people and recipients of it and heard their stories. Some did well with the CI. For some, it didn’t work at all. Nobody could predetermine how I would do with it.

We had to be at the hospital at seven a.m. for a ten o’clock surgery to check-in. That wasn’t a problem. We didn’t live that far away. After doing this, Mom, Kevin and I sat in a curtained-off cubicle to wait for my surgeon. Medical people kept coming into the enclosure and asked the same questions. Finally, my doctor arrived and Kevin and I walked into the operating room. They wanted him in there in case they had any questions. Before the oxygen mask went over my face, the doctor told me to count backwards from one hundred.

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