My Experience With Facebook So Far So Good

My Experience With Facebook So Far So Good

It seems of late, lots of people are having issue with Facebook, and for me, other than some accessibility issues, and needing to change a few of the ways in which I do things according to some tips I got in my notifications concerning new changes coming down the trail, I’m still rolling right along.

Some of the tips I learned are…

* Use more reactions, not just the like button.

* Make more comments, don’t just react and move on.

* Post more full content, not just links.

Those were just a few, but they so far have been the most helpful.

Not only do I post links from my blog posts, but after a few hours, I go back and post the entire post into my timeline post field, or onto my page, and of course I include my blog URL at the bottom so people can go and read more of my work.

I am trying to use the reactions more, rather than just casually hitting the like button and scrolling on through my newsfeed.

I’m trying to share more of the posts, and pages I enjoy, and I’ve even learned to post things directly to my story.

I’m also learning to use hashtags, and other things like photos, and so far things are for me better than ever.

I’m gaining more friends and followers, getting more readers on my blog, and even selling some books.

I can only speak for my experience, but for me, other than WordPress, Facebook is my favorite platform to promote on.

Next comes twitter, and slowly but sure bring up the rear, is LinkedIn.

Well, that’s all I have to say, but just wanted to share.

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