My Brief Heartfelt Apology

My Brief Heartfelt Apology

I just want to send out a public apology to all those people everywhere that I have hurt in some way or other with my sickness. I want to say I’m not that person anymore, and hope folks will allow me a chance to show you who I am now. I also want to say that there are a few who would spread lies and say things to cause troubles,and I just would like very much to say that if someone tells you something I was to have said or done all you need do is ask. I will not lie to you. I’m trying very hard to leave my past behind me and while there are some who still refuse me that chance, I am determined to succeed. I love you all very much, and thank those who have allowed me into their lives. Those who have hung in there with me and those who have friended me anew. Love much to all!

Blessid Be.


  1. I trust you are forgiven, and that you have forgiven yourself for whatever you have done–nothing to me, of that I am sure. Wishing you every joy with a hug, Tasha

    1. I have finally come to forgive myself. I love myself and who I am becoming. I only hope that I can bring those who are lost to me back into my life. They however, will have to come by their own will. As far as those spreading false-hoods, and not being impeccable with their words and actions; they have my prayer of, “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.” Honestly I pity them. I, having known what it is to reap my sewing know the suffering they face. Thank you for your loving kindness.

      1. You sound like you are on the right track, and honestly, from my experience–and it is a long one, those who do not return are gone because their road diverges from ours and it is best to wish them godspeed and a fair wind to their sails. A respected teacher of mne told me (and 0thers) you do not have to like everybody, and you do have to love everybody. So I do the best I can to follow that advice. Love and blessings to you, my friend, from Tasha

        1. That is good advice. We may meet those we have left behind, or have walked away from us later in life. That is up to destiny, and the pattern. For NOW I live my life as I AM instructed by Spirit, and that IS all I can DO! 🙂

  2. I understand where you are coming from, and I love you very much. I face the same problems people expect me to be a push over and when I stand my ground people tell me that I am cold and never cared. I understand completely.

    1. What we must realize is that everyone is on the same path. Taking the same journey, but we are all on different parts of this path, and some people are more comfortable projecting such thought processes onto another rather than realizing that they’re truly talking about themselves.

      You have been a wonderful friend to me. Tolerant of me when I lost my way, and willing to allow me into your life when I found it again. This makes you a better person than the rest.

      All we can do is to pray for those who will not forgive us and give us another chance. Honestly it is they who are lost now, and we must be there to help them if ever they should again find their way. It was very hard for me to come to this point. For the longest kind of time I was angry bitter, and hurt because people like my daughter, and Drew Gibbon refused to allow me another chance. Now, I simply feel bad for them because it is they who will lose in the end not me. I’ve admitted my wrong doing. I have forgiven me, and I love me, and I’ve come from where I was to a new and wonderful place, but I no longer am angry at them I only wish them happiness and peace, and hope that before we’re gone from this world, into the next that we can make our peace with one another in a true and lasting way.

      My daughter has given this world five beautiful children. Beings that are, and will contribute much to this world. From what little information I can get she is doing a fine job raising them, and has risen above her circumstance, and if ever she should be willing to let go of our past wrongness and move into the NOW she and I will have a beautiful time together, and I can only hope that this will be so. Mr. Gibbon must come to a place where he 1. Admits hhis portion of the mistakes made in our situation, and 2. Can forgive himself as well as me for them, and allow the two of us to be the type of associates we should’ve been to one another. It is my belief that if he should ever come to a place that he could do so that with his knowledge and my writing we could do magnificent things for the organization we both believe in. Until this can happen I can only try and undo some of the damage I have done, and while one can never go back to where they were and do things over they can certainly go “Forward” and do good with the things they have learned from the contrast that has been created from their wrong doing.

      I am so much a better person for having experienced all I have, and it is because of the hardships I have suffered at my own hands and the hands of others that it is so. Blessid be to all who are reading, and if anyone should have contact with the two of which I speak I hope you’ll see to it they see these words.

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