Music Monday: “Too Darn Hot,” by Ann Miller

Music Monday: “Too Darn Hot,” by Ann Miller

Now, here’s something new for you. At least here at campbellsworld. Check this out, and be sure to let us know what you think.
PS. for all you CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! waiting for an update to all that has been going on, rest assured, I’ve got a couple goddies in the works, and will have it out soon.

Source: Music Monday: “Too Darn Hot,” by Ann Miller


  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers; Music Monday is one of my favorite features.

    1. You’re most welcome.

  2. This is great, Patty. Maybe I’ll do something like it on my own blog. Will see.

    1. I’m not that smart. Cannot figure how to do all that kind of stuff. Thought about doing an MP3 recording of me doing storytelling, but cannot seem to figure out all the things I need to know on my computer. Maybe when I get out of hospital I can do it.

      1. If you have a Victor stream or other device that can record in mp3 format, including such files on your blog isn’t hard. I record my files on my Victor stream and upload them to SoundCloud. There are computer programs that allow you to record and edit sound, but I find them complicated.

        1. Don’t have a victor Stream, but my computer has a sound recorder. Maybe once I’m out of hospital I’ll get more into looking at the possibilities.

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