Good Morning! From here in the Campbell Kingdom! I hope everyone is doing just awesome this day! It has been a wild and wondrous week here in the Campbell Kingdom and all across our great United States. Of course right now it doesn’t seem very united to me at all. I am saddened to see how people are behaving, and I am a bit angry as well. First off unless some sort of crooked behavior can be found Like it or not Donald Trump was elected by the process we have put in place to do such with, and if we are unhappy with that we will have to work toward changing the election process. This protesting because he was elected is in my opinion inappropriate. Especially considering that at least a fourth or more of those who are protesting did not even bother to vote. If you did not vote, I say to you, Go home! Why do I say that? Well, let me tell you…

On Tuesday of this week, Election Day 2016 it took me all day, and allot of hassle to go vote but I got off my ass and I did it, and for people to be out there carrying signs and talking about things they have shown little to no interest about up until this point are an offense to me.
Let me just tell you what I had to do to vote.

I rode the bus after walking nearly four blocks to the stop, to get to the polling location I needed to vote. Two busses in fact, only to learn that the bus stop I had to get off at and walk to the polling place was not something my Seeing Eye Guide Dog Campbell and I would be safe doing and so I had to ride two busses back to my original stop and walk the nearly four blocks back home, and find a ride with a friend to go, and by the time all this was done it was nearly five in the evening, and counting my early trip out for breakfast Campbell and I had been out since 8:30 A M that morning. To say we were tired would’ve been an understatement. So yeah those people who are out there causing problems for everyone starting fires destroying property, blocking roads, and generally being a pain in the ass piss me off! If you voted, and you want to hold a quiet non-violent protest to show your dis-satisfaction you have my complete support and respect, and if you let me know when and where you are we might join you, but this other madness going on just makes us Americans look like a bunch of idiots. Sorry if yall don’t like that, that’s just how I feel.

On a happier note… (Told you it was multiples) I now have a new bluetooth keyboard and I love it. You see I had a birthday on the 9TH of November and my sister informed my father that I’d been howling for nearly two years for one, and he went right out and bought one for me. As I wrote in my book Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life, my dad might not agree with all I do, but he as much as possible makes sure I have what I need to be as successful with whatever I am doing as I can be. I am more than sure that should he read this blog there will be writings that he will wish I had not written, but yet he has made sure that I can do it better than ever before and I am ever glad. My dad and I don’t always see eye to eye, and sometimes we have some horrible arguments, and say really mean stuff to each other but I love him very much and am extremely proud to be his daughter. (Hi Dad! Yeah I’m writing about you!)

Another great thing going on here in the Campbell Kingdom is the soon to be release of my second book The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two Claire Plaisted and I will be working together on this project soon, and it will be released as a series here on this very blog. If you want to learn more about this, see “Finding My Way Back” Seen here on this blog.

I just want to say thanks to all my supporters. I never knew I had so very many until my birthday this week. On Facebook alone I received over 80 birthday messages, and well wishes, and it was the most awesome and wonderful thing to have happened to me ever! On top of that I got several ECards and other Email well wishes and happy birthday messages, and I even got a couple of Snail Mail cards, and even though I cannot read them, and contrary to popular belief I don’t have someone always at the ready to read mail I did appreciate them.

I want to close with this…

We are coming into the holiday season and soon to be the close of another year. If you have negativity and strife between you and anyone please? Really think about resolving that. Even if you agree in the end to continue to go your separate ways, make an effort to talk out your differences, acknowledge your own and the other person’s feelings, and try your very best to close this year, and begin the new with a clean slate. I feel very strongly that, no matter what side you fall on there are to be some really though times ahead for all of us in this Great United States and we are all going to need one another.

Until next time this is Patty and Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and Blessid Be!

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