Moving to the South – by author of the Tracy Gayle Mystery Series and Gayle’s Tales Trish Hubschman

Moving to the South – by author of the Tracy Gayle Mystery Series and Gayle’s Tales Trish Hubschman

Moving to the South

By Trish Hubschman

October 2023


After living in Pennsylvania four years, we decided it was time to move on. Kevin did some Internet research to find the best place for us to move to on the East coast. We opted for South Carolina. But how did we  go about finding a house in a state that was ten hours away from where we were presently living?


I posed the question on Facebook. A former classmate from when I was a kid told me about a man we had gone to school with who was now a Carolinas real estate agent. She suggested I put in a friend request for Andrew Dermack. I did and  he accepted it. Our house search in the South began. Andrew’s good taste, diligent assistance and real estate know-how were wonderful. I wanted to buy a house before selling our present home but it wasn’t  feasible, so we had to do it the other way.


The Friday before  Labor Day, our PA house was officially on the market. That weekend, we got two offers. The following Wednesday, Andrew told us an offer we had made on a house in South Carolina was accepted. We were now under contract   for both houses, buying and selling.


Our main responsibility was to pack, which we did. So many boxes, cardboard and plastic bins. We had disposed of many, many things, through special trash pickup, going to the metal recycling or donation. What looked like an enormity of stuff to me was shocking.  To avoid traumatizing our dog, Henry, or risking my falling over anything, the  boxes were stored in the hall closet or garage. A couple weeks before we left PA, Kevin  rented a storage unit near U-Haul and moved all the boxes and house stuff to it.


All the paperwork for the house selling and buying was done  electronically. We were e-mailed documents to sign.  We were kept apprised of each step that was completed this way as well. Everything moved along so smoothly, so organized. It was impressive. Of course, I got  nervous. Things were moving to easily and I kept thinking “Nothing goes this well’.” But, no kidding, it was and did.


Kevin set up the movers, but they  wouldn’t give us an exact  day they were  coming to pick up our furniture. We went to Triple A to find out the best route to get to our destination and set up hotels to stay at along the way. All the hotels were dog friendly and accessible to people with mobility issues. We did all this too early though and had to make some  changes, but nothing went wrong.


Kevin moved the bed downstairs in our PA house to the living room, so we wouldn’t have to climb the stairs as much.


The movers came on Columbus Day. Henry and I sat in our car across the street from our house for five hours while the movers wrapped  all our furniture up and loaded it into their truck. We went to our first hotel after that, The Candlewood. It was lovely, king-sized bed, conference table to eat on, full kitchen. The next day, Kevin loaded  the  fifteen-foot U-Haul  truck. Henry and I sat in the front seat for four hours while he did this. We stayed at another hotel, an older, less appealing  place that was next door to U-haul. Wednesday, they attached our car to the  back of the rental truck and we started driving South  . We stopped in Lexington, Virginia and stayed at a Best Western hotel,  which was nice enough. Wee had barely eaten since the weekend before.


On Thursday, we continued driving to our destination  of Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s where Andrew was and our next hotel, The Hyatt. When we tried to park at the hotel, we discovered there was no parking lot. It was under construction. Now, what to do? I told Kevin he had to get in touch with Andrew. I knew Andrew would know what to do. That’s when Andrew miraculously appeared and he did know what to do. He directed us to another Hyatt hotel in the area. Wow, it was a gorgeous suite, living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom with king-sized bed. The bathroom was so big, I got lost in it a few times. I told  Kevin I could live in this place for a while.


The morning of the closing, Friday the 13th, I couldn’t  bring myself to try to get into the U-Haul truck. I’d been having so much trouble climbing into it. The dog was doing better than me, but Henry had a ramp to help him get into the truck. Kevin would drive with his arm wrapped around Henry. I kept thinking of the 1970s TV show, BJ and the Bear. Well, I had no choice and I managed to get into the U-Haul that morning. After the closing, Andrew drove me to the house, while Kevin and Henry went in the U-haul truck.


Andrew helped Kevin unload the truck. Andrew was the best realtor ever and the dearest friend. For a man I don’t remember from forty years ago, I feel I’ve known him for years.


For the first four days in our new home, Kevin and I slept on a queen-sized air mattress he had gotten at Walmart. We didn’t have any furniture. The movers were scheduled to bring it on Wednesday. The day before they were to come, the air mattress collapsed. We couldn’t sleep on the floor, so Kevin made reservations for us at hotel number five in this journey. It was a Marriot and lovely. All I wanted was a bed to crash into. The next morning, we actually hung around long enough to eat some breakfast at the hotel. The furniture arrived that day and we’re now settling into our beautiful new home.


About Trish and her work…


Trish Hubschman is the author of the Tracy Gayle mystery series: Tidalwave, Stiff Competition, Ratings Game, Uneasy Tides, and Gayle’s tales.

Trish is a graduate of Long Island University’s Southampton Campus and has a Bachelor’s degree in English-writing. She is deaf-blind and lives in South Carolina with her husband Kevin and their dog, Henry.

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  1. Trish Hubschman Reply
    October 29, 2023

    We’ve been in South Carolina and our new home for two weeks now. I couldn’t be happier. It was an adventure and we stayed at some great hotels along the way, but it was exhausting too. We’re back on track now and loving our new home.

    1. Hi, Trish.
      I’m so glad to read of your newfound joy.
      There’s nothing better than moving into your happy place.
      Continue enjoying making it so!

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