#motownwriters: How Can Authors Help Authors With Book Publicity?

#motownwriters: How Can Authors Help Authors With Book Publicity?

This is why I began my business, Tell-It-To-
Just yesterday a potential client wrote and said, “your prices are ridiculously too low.”
First thing, I had to do a double-take. I never had anyone complain about prices being too low.

She spoke of how folks who are doing what I am doing, and are not even clear in their ads about what services they’ll provide, unlike mine, which is written out in clear and understandable language, charge thousands of dollars.

That is ridiculous.

Promoting someone via blog and social media is not that time consuming, it is something I’m doing anyhow, and that I enjoy.

I do not charge like that, and the reason I do the work is because so many helped me along my way when I began, and are still helping me.

It is our job as authors especially those doing well, to help others along.

Claire brings yet another conversation to the front of the line with her posting this link and reading of it at plaistedpublishinghouse.wordpress.com and now reblogging it here, has been a wonderful pleasure for me!
Have a look, and then, think, how you might help another get where you are, and beyond!

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