Morning Quiet Time In the Campbell Kingdom

Morning Quiet Time In the Campbell Kingdom

Campbell and I have always gotten up early. I suppose it is a holdover from our training days. Our routine is, up early, feed the starving doggy, then go out for the first walk of the day. I have to tell you, that is the best time of day. The air is filled with the sound of crickets. You can smell the freshness of the dew covered ground. All the night things wimmnding down. All the day is readying itself to wake. Campbell lifts his nose, and scents the air. I feel life flowing into me. It comes up from Mother Earth. Up into my feet and legs. They work as tree roots do. Drawing the life giving power, allowing it to flow throughout my body, mind heart, spirit, and soul. I come alive. I am hole.

Now we are back inside, and Campbell is asleep. I am left with the quiet of the morn. The message within clear. It’s meaning deep.


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