Morning Light


  1. Wishing you sweetness and light today and always, dear Patty, thanks for the reblog! *willows in mist**sunlight at dawn**hummingbirds*

    1. Hello my friend.

      You’re welcome. Always a pleasure to share your work.

      We’ve rain again, but I just know the sun is shining behind the clouds.

      And so…

      Let the sunshine in. Let the sunshine in. Open up your heart and let the sunshine in. Even when it’s cloudy let the sunshine in.

      1. Oh yes, sing and dance
        Give the sun an extra chance!
        Love you! *smile*

        1. We always open the shades just after Campbell’s breakfast, rain, snow, sleet, or shine, and sing let the sunshine in.

          For one week, during February, which I have decided is hideous, we didn’t do it, and my poor Sammy Girl Peace Lili nearly died.

          Now though, because we let in the morning light, she is blooming.

          I touched her just this morning and found it was almost opened all the way.

  2. Lovely, and so it is with all of us, a little light, a bit of human sunshine!

    1. I just looked at her bloom. Earlier today it was barely open. As I started out the door, I leaned over and gave it a kiss. This evening when I went to close the shades and tell her good night it was almost all the way open.
      How wonderful. It’s just a kind of thing I needed. Love to you and keep on posting these beautiful poems. I shared to my page as well. Yes. For those out there reading, thinking I have completely lost my mind I talk to and kiss my plant

      1. It’s all love…and what could be better than that? Love to you, darling friend!

        1. True.

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