More Thoughts On Nightmares and Dreamscapes

More Thoughts On Nightmares and Dreamscapes


While I’ve been recovering from my knee injury, I’ve been doing some reading for fun. Here is a review I submitted to the DB Review Email list run by Nolan Crab and Don Horn

Enjoy! Let me know if you do. If you’ve read it how’s about sharing your thoughts?

Subject: More Thoughts On Nightmares and Dreamscapes: NLS Info Inside

I am seriously starting to have concerns about my evil side, and wondering if I might have a “Twinner” (See The Talisman)

Nightmares & dreamscapes DB37300

King, Stephen. Reading time: 27 hours, 36 minutes.
Read by Bob Askey.

First off I have to say, that they could not have picked a better narrator for this book. Bob Askey does such a marvelous job   just listening to his delivery chills my bones, and simultaneously makes me crack up at the same time. What with the way he is able to change the tone of his voice to fit the scariest and funniest parts just right. (Although I’m seriously worrying about my sense of humor)

Supernatural and Horror Fiction

Secondly they categorized this one absolutely perfectly!

Children keep mum when they discover that a spaceship is growing in the walls of their house and is set for takeoff; what a perfect way to get rid of their cruel stepfather!

Well, haven’t gotten to the one spoken of above, but sure wish I’d had a space ship when I was trying to get rid of my EX at the end of our time together! (Whoops, there’s that “Twinner” again!)

 A mild-mannered teacher concocts a complex plan involving a highway detour to avenge the murder of his wife.

Of course this story Dolan’s Catalac  is just absolutely right up my alley!

And there aint one damned thing mild mannered about that teacher! (Go Dude!)

An American couple visiting a London suburb experience unbelievable horror…as do most of the charac- ters in these stories.

Rainy season gave me the creepy crawlies to be sure. If you’re strong enough to hop into this little tale, you will walk away cringing everytime the wind blows a branch against your house making a Thud! Noise. However, if you’re like me and have read books like the Little House series and know of the plague of Grasshoppers that struck the land, you might find yourself checking to see if any toads  are about before going out of doors in the morning.

As it says below, there is…  

Strong language and violence. And there is no question as to why it was and is a Bestseller. If you have the nerve to

Download Nightmares & dreamscapes

You will not at all be disappointed. Suffer the Little Children made me once again ask, “So are some folks who are diagnosed mentally ill, really mentally ill, or are they truly able to see and hear things we cannot?”

My thoughts and some of the story titles below…

  • Dolan’s Catalac
  • *The Night Flyer
  • It Grows On You (Although it left me wanting just a bit more)
  • My Favorite to be sure*Chattering Teeth
  • Dedication (Really did enjoy that although it weirded me out just a bit.
  • The Moving Finger (Good God! How very weird, and very gross!)
  • Another Fave * Sneakers! (Talk about finding yourself)
  • You know they got a hell of a band (Did not really care for how that ended.)
  • Very much enjoyed * Home Delivery (Girl really grew a pare in the end)
  • And like I say *Rainy Season!
  • *The End of the Whole Mess left me asking, how very possible any of that could be?
  • * My Pretty Poney just made me feel good. King explains at the beginning about that one a bit, if memory serves me right, and I would not bet the farm on that.LOL!
  • I haven’t read any further. Had to stop the world and go back to the doctor for my stupid knee. (got a triple play of lighticane cortisone, and steroids! Thanks be to modern medication!

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