Monday Morning Manic Musings: Multiple Topics

Monday Morning Manic Musings: Multiple Topics

Here’s hoping this Monday morning finds you rested and relaxed from the weekend, and ready to tackle what lies ahead during your week.

Here, Campbell and I are readying ourselves to go out and visit the Social Security office. We’re going to be making every effort to get all our paperwork turned in before the Thanksgiving holiday, so that we can be given our move date. It is my goal to move before Christmas. I said that from the beginning, and at first it seemed like an unrealistic request, but it appears that the Universe is considering my request with real seriousness. It is all still in question, but it is more of a possibility than ever before.

If you’ve been following me you know I’m having all sorts of mixed emotions, but the one thing I feel above all is… EMPOWERED!” It is wonderful to have finally claimed POWER over my life. (Reader’s note) For those who cannot see the words EMPOWERED and POWER are written in all caps. Why? Because they’re the most important words in this entire post.

Question of the day…
Can someone cause you to feel a certain way, or do a certain thing?
My answer…

I decide what I feel about a certain person, place, or thing.
I decide what power those feelings have over my life, and what actions those people places or things cause me to take. I can always choose to not act. I can choose a positive action, or I can choose to act out in anger, frustration, and impoliteness.
I can say, “Well, I was stressed, and that’s why I did…” That’s true, but it is only my fault if it is not OK how I acted, or what I said. I am responsible for learning…
Coping Skills.
I am responsible for curbing my tongue, and I am responsible for remembering that just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

I am responsible if my illness goes out of control, and if it sneaks up on me, as it does sometimes, soon as I am aware of it, I am responsible for seeing it is taken care of correctly.

Things like…
Lying about circumstance
Or only telling half truths, sugar coating etc…
They! Do! Not! Work! I am calling that type of behavior for lack of success.

How am I doing this?
Moving from this house where I cannot seem to come totally out of the memories that plague me each day. That’s one thing I am doing. You see, part of it giving power over to something or someone is knowing when it is time to walk away from something. I have realized that there are things that trigger certain memories, that no matter the amount of casting or cleansing just won’t leave me be. So rather than remain and struggle further, I’m just going away from it.

Taking control of how much I eat while I am stuck inside is another way of taking my power. I can claim that I got too fat again cause it got cold out, and I could not work off what I was eating, or I can control what I eat during these months that aren’t fit for man nor beast…

Do you see? It is all up to me?

What about education? Do I have to remain uneducated because I do not feel going into a college setting is right for me?
I can learn by reading, or getting out and experiencing, or both.
If I want to learn about a certain historical thing, I can read about it, and maybe one day plan a trip which will take me to a place where I can learn even more. I need not remain ignorant!

What thread of commonality do all these topics I have randomly written of have?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Until next time this is Patty and the Snoozing King Campbell The Super Awesome Seeing Eye Dog saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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