Missouri-L: Looking Pretty, Emailed From a Friend

Missouri-L: Looking Pretty, Emailed From a Friend

Not my area of expertise, but…

Subject: [Missouri-l] Looking Pretty Finger by Finger Date sent: Sun, 5 Nov 2017 10:57:43 -0600

For the ladies who want to use a bit of makeup for holiday parties.

Finger By Finger Makeup Tricks

The pointer

The pad of the index finger is ideal for adding lipstick on your lower lip

For the upper lip use the finger’s tip

The middle finger

Apply blush evenly by tapping this finger from the temple to the cheek bone

The ring finger

This finger applies the lightest pressure because it is the
hardest to move

Use to apply cosmetics around the eye

The pinkie

Reach the inner corner of each eye with the tip of your smallest
Great for shadow or highlighter.

The thumb

Press the thumb into eyeshadow and apply to opposite eyelid.
Wiggle the
thumb to spread the color.

The heel

Use the heel of your hand to press bronzer into cheek hollows and
then to
apply highlighter into the above cheeks

Source: Cosmopolitan I would try these with a sighted friend to
results since we don’t have Snow White’s mirror to check things
out. Then of
course wash your hands well after!

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