MIGHTY HEKATE: Keyholder of the World!

MIGHTY HEKATE: Keyholder of the World!

I can totally relate with this Goddess. So much of what she represents is needed in my life. I am at a time in my life where change is needed in a huge way. I have come to realize that what I am doing in my life, and the places, and people within aren’t serving my higher good. Some I will keep, but at a distance. Some will be removed and although there will be many who will not understand, it absolutely must be and soon.

So as I am posting, I am calling for the power of this Goddess to assist me in all change that needs to take place within my life, and I ask all who will to assist me in raising the necessary energy needed to make this be so. Not only in my life, but for all of us, everywhere. Blessid Be for reading, and So Mote It Be that changes will be made for the better of all!
November 12, 2016 Image: Bill Crisafi “By Hecate, the goddess I worship more than all the others, the one I choose to help me in this work, who lives with me deep inside my home, these people won’t…

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