Mid-Day Mutterings a Poem by Patty L. Fletcher #Abuse, #Consequences, #Earth, #MotherNature, #Protest, #Weather

Mid-Day Mutterings a Poem by Patty L. Fletcher #Abuse, #Consequences, #Earth, #MotherNature, #Protest, #Weather

Mid-Day Mutterings – a Poem by, Patty L. Fletcher

Friday, May 17, 2024 – Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous

I wake in the early morning.

What time is it? I asked one of my many devices.

It’s 6:15 AM it replies.

I fall back onto the bed,

burry under the cover,

grab a pillow,

close my eyes.

I sigh.

A moment later,

or so it seems,

I open my eyes, ask, what time is it?

It’s 8 AM, it replies.

My mind whirls,

I open my eyes.

What the heck!

What the heck! I cry.

I don’t know why.

I got nothing much important outside the house to do.

Oh! I exclave! I hear rumbles of thunder; it’s starting to rain.

Blue stretched.

I scratched his belly.

He yawned.

I smile.

We don’t care if it rains,

get wet, what’s that to us?

Fluff off with a towel.

Wait for the fur to dry.

Brush, fluff,

make pretty,

it’s a mini shower,

a mini shower for Blue.



Did you like your walk Chief Blue?

We don’t care,

let the rain get in my hair.

Dad says frizzy.



a curse for people with natural curl.

I’d just taken it down, from atop my head.

It was 6 in the evening; I’d been up that day since 4.

I was readying for Reclinerville.

Just too bad,

blame it on Thore.

I’m not complaining,

not about the rain.

To me, it’s just something to adapt to.

It’s people’s complaining that drags me down.

Here’s their jive.

Here’s the new – old sound.

Sick of the rain.

Neighbors do say.

Sick of the rain,

why don’t it go away?

They’ve no clue, they’re much of the problem. With them, it surely can have nothing to do.

It has been raining a lot.

I remark with a questioning tone.

Maybe things would clear up and return to normal if they’d leave mother nature alone.

Mother earth is tired of feeling dirty.

Tired of being misused.

Tired of being mistreated.

Tired of being abused.

Oh, You, man, shame!

You have forgotten the face of your creator, oh! Shame on you!

One day you’ll sit on your heap of sand. A mini bottle of water, hidden in your hand.



For much it can be sold.

All because of your madness.

You wouldn’t heed the warnings.

Laughed in our face.

Now, it is you who suffer, for you know not how to erase,

erase your mistakes.

Clean the water.

Stop unnecessarily polluting the air.

Be kind to the trees, plants, grasses, and animals.

Take care.

Think of the future.

Aren’t your grandchildren worth the risk?

Risk of solar energies, cars, and the like.

Remember, your coal was new once, and to that the elders did scoff.

Now, the elders cough.

That was then, you made it through.

That is over.

It’s time for something new.

Give it a try.

Just see what happens.

No worries.

Mother Nature will bless you.

All will be well.

Just give a bit of thought as you live,

Think of Mother Nature, and let’s coincide, let’s live together.

And from this problem of climate change, let us not hide.

Over the past few weeks, it’s rained a lot here. The weather has at times been uncomfortably humid and I’ve had days where one moment the sun was shining, and the next, while the sun is still shining with all its might, a cloud floats over and the rain starts to pour.

Blue and I just keep on keeping on, it’s the displeasure of Thore.

Patty L. Fletcher

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled

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